Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WHO AM i? Condemn NOT...

WHO am i to condemn other sinNERs? am i not mySELF one who STILL sins?

WHO am i to exact REvenge upon another? Was it not GOD Himself who said, "Vengeance is Mine, I WILL REpay!"?

WHO am i not to FORGIVE EVERYone who has SINned against me? am i not mySELF totally UNdeserving of GOD's UNfathomable GRACE, His IMmeasurable MERCY, His INdescribable GIFT of FORGIVEness through His SON, CHRIST JESUS?

Was it not JESUS Himself who SUFFERED the crown of thorns -- for you and for me?

Was it not JESUS Himself whose hands and feet were HAMMERED with nails on Calvary's tree -- for you and for me?

Was it not JESUS Himself whose body was TORTURED bloody -- for you and for me?

Was it not JESUS Himself whose heart was broken by the ULTIMATE Rejection of The FATHER -- for you and for me?

Was it not JESUS Himself who said "FATHER, FORGIVE THEM for they know not what they do" -- for you and for me?

WHO am i? Hopeless SINNER duped by the god of this world -- BUT for the Sacrifice of The LAMB of GOD -- and NOW, no longer of THIS world but of GOD's Kingdom.

WHO am i? SELF-righteous FOOL dressed in filthy rags -- BUT for GOD The SON's Perfect RIGHTEOUSNESS -- and NOW, robed in The DESIGNER's Handiwork .

WHO am i? DEAD-man walking -- BUT for The Risen LORD's Resurrection LIFE -- and NOW, His LIFE withIN me as salt and light in this putrid and darkened passing world.

WHO am i? Wretched and condemned, HELL-bound Soul -- BUT for GOD's Saving GRACE -- and NOW, a SAVED born-again Soul whose ETERNAL Destiny is HEAVEN.

WHO am i? Lifeless FLESH and dry bones -- BUT for the Quickening LORD SPIRIT -- and NOW, led and TRANSFORMED withIN by HIM more and MORE into the likeness of CHRIST.

WHO am i? Child of GOD -- The Sovereign KING's own Beloved Daughter -- NOW and forEVERmore!

WHO am i? Slave of RIGHTEOUSNESS -- The LORD of Lord's own Peculiar Possession -- NOW and forEVERmore!

WHO am i? By GOD's Grace alone, by Faith alone, IN CHRIST alone, i am who i am:

i am CHRISTian -- i am The LORD's very own  -- NOW and forEVERmore! \o/

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  1. Edited 7/17/2017 to reflect my current walk with GOD IN CHRIST, by the SUPERnatural Holy SPIRIT alive withIN.