Monday, June 8, 2009


rLn! stands for really Love now! Life is short indeed and i want to make a difference! i want to testify for CHRIST, to share Him with others, to put to good use all the talents GOD has given me for His good purpose(s)--to be able to say to GOD when i stand before Him on Judgment Day: "Father...i used up all You've given me!"

i am an artist in CHRIST for GOD. (i am a new creature, a new being, In CHRIST, doing art for His glory.) My Father blessed me with a measure of artistic talent that He is now using in ways i can't see or understand--but i am deeply certain that He is orchestrating abundant blessings for everyone involved in this GODventure.

Each finished work that comes out of me is SPIRIT-given (for every good thing is from GOD, and i trust that the Holy SPIRIT would do the real work, and i will be but the tool with which He will create). And it is my prayer that He will use each particular work as a seed sown in someone’s life to somehow, someway, magnify CHRIST (i don’t need to know the how of it—i simply trust that He will “Just do it!”) It may be a door of opportunity to witness, to share the Word, to glorify GOD. It is one of the ways my Father provides for my material needs, as well as answering my heart’s desire of helping children (in particular, those of Naselesele Village in Fiji).

The rLn OFF-the-WALL clothing line—t-shirts, pants, sarongs--reflect works that draw attention to GOD, His Son, His Word. Each original design includes a GODly message--be it a Bible verse, or relevant GODly words (love, joy, peace), or symbolic abstract--incorporated in such a way that the message is hidden or camouflaged within the design—an attention getter in the manner of a stealth bomber aircraft…just below the radar of ordinary consciousness until SPIRIT turns on the Light in that person’s awareness.

In Old Testament times, according to Jewish tradition, the chosen people literally wore the Law on their person. “You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” (Deuteronomy 6:8-9) Maybe doing this made them feel closer to GOD. It certainly made them more conscious of the Law—as these worked like Post It reminders.

As for me, when i wear one of my Ad-for-GOD rLn t-shirts, i.e., “Those Who Tango, Get Mango!”-- i deliberately put myself in the frame of mind that when i obey the Holy SPIRIT’s leading, i bear fruit! He leads, i follow…and i won’t get kicked in the bum!

The Argentine tango is an exquisite example of two persons completely in sync with each other. One leads, the other follows. Without these very defined roles, there would be no beauty of grace, power or synchronicity. Without complete agreement between leader and follower, pain and clumsy execution result. For it is indeed! a physically dangerous dance with sharp, precision kicks, going every which way, maybe landing in wrongful places…an ouchful kick in the bum or elsewhere!

Those who dance the tango with the Holy SPIRIT bear fruit…get mango (my favorite fruit, by the way). And the more i obey, the more i tango with SPIRIT, so much more will His fruit in me (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) ripen to maturity. When i partner with the SPIRIT of GOD, i am enabled to do whatever it is that GOD, my Father, has called me to do for His glory. Without the SPIRIT’s empowerment, i can do nothing!

Or when i put on the t-shirt that says, ”Look Beyond the Horizon,” someone behind me may be curious enough to ask me what it means. This opens the door for me to share, to explain that Actuality is what i see and experience on this side of the horizon, my life on earth. Beyond the horizon is what i can’t see--GOD’s Reality, His heavenly kingdom. When i aim my sights beyond the horizon, i hope in GOD, i look to JESUS. My faith in Him, His sovereignty, gives me easy childlike assurance that He has everything in control, that He has my best being readied for me, just beyond the horizon where i can’t see His orchestration of every detail. If what i am praying for is aligned with His good purpose, He will allow it to become Actuality here on earth (through the Holy SPIRIT's power).

Anyway, why should i wear a t-shirt with someone else’s advertising (i.e., Got Milk?, Just Do It!, Reebok) and for which i get nothing in return for my being their walking advertisement? Why not wear a t-shirt that really says something meaningful and powerful (Feel the Fear--GO for GOD Anyway!), one that will help me renew my mind, one that will help me meditate on GOD's Word? Why not advertise for GOD instead? Why not put in a good word for Him?

Hence the SPIRIT-purposed Ad-for-GOD rLn art. The Holy SPIRIT of GOD inspires and guides me to create a design, and then He engineers all else so that when i wear His Word on my person, someone (including myself) may be blessed. For it is written: GOD’s word does not come back void.

(P.S. Unique, one-of-a-kind, original rLn t-shirts (joy JESUS truth) may be created tailor-made for you, expressing your taste in colors, your favorite Bible verse or GODly words, your particular t-shirt style and color. To contact me, e-mail me at merlinsazon at yahoo dot com to help me work out the details of your rLn original. If you are a risk-taker at heart, please seriously consider taking a leap of faith with me and join me in this GODventure.)


  1. wow you really showed me how to stand out and i glad you made it easy to understand

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