Friday, June 26, 2009


Why does his death touch me so? Why do i mourn for someone i don’t even really know? Why the feeling of loss?

Because Michael Jackson’s death hit home, again, the fact that life is indeed very, very short, no matter the seeming longevity of 100 years lived.

Because his music touched my dancing bones and my very soul.

Because i grew up “with” him (being of the same age bracket)—i watched him manifest from young cute loveable to mega-star showstopper to media-hounded eccentric.

i’m sad that i won’t be hearing and seeing new works from him anymore, as i’m glad that Paul McCartney is yet around to grace us with his songwriting and singing talents.

But during Jackson’s allotted time on earth, he made good use of the talents GOD had abundantly measured to him. GOD filled him to overflowing and Jackson didn’t keep these talents buried—he poured out what GOD had poured in. And the world was blessed with this outpouring of soulful music and dance.

But NOW what? Where is Jackson’s spirit bound—was he at peace with his Maker…did he even realize his Creator? Or was he to the very end that troubled soul the media portrayed him to be?

Michael Jackson had fame and fortune laid at his doorstep. He ran big with it…he drank it to the last drop. Was his thirst quenched? Was the deep longing in his heart filled and satisfied?

When Death came knocking at his doorstep, Death took him as naked as when he was born, leaving all the paraphernalia of fame and fortune behind.

NOW what? Did anyone in his entourage reveal to him the true Source of joy and peace and love? Did anyone pray for him? Did anyone minister to his soul?

Or were most like me, shocked at the loss, and praying for mercy from GOD now that it’s too late?

Jackson’s passing—like a brilliant Haley’s Comet—was spectacular indeed, yet will not be repeated as Haley’s Comet will repeat its awesome trajectory pass by our earth in 2061.

How about us “Regular Joes,” us mere mortals still left behind—are we putting to good use, to the last drop, the talents GOD has poured in? Are we using our gifts to gift back to those around us? Are we allowing GOD’s SPIRIT to move through us to further His Great Commission by giving Him complete access to the talents that He Himself gave us in the first place? Or are we using these borrowed talents and resources to further our own causes and agendas?

i don’t know Michael Jackson’s relationship with our LORD, or if he even had one. But i do know that his earthly death is final—no more will he do his good works for the entertainment industry of the world. His bright candle was finally snuffed out, never to be lit again on this earth.

i do know that only GOD has the infinite wisdom to judge the heart of man, including Michael Jackson’s, including yours and mine.

His unexpected death has affected me more than his glamorous life ever did—it puts my own life upfront for scrutiny: am i using all my GOD-given gifts for His glory or for my own fleeting earthly pleasures? Am i sending my riches ahead to Heaven or hoarding them here on earth, stored in a barn of my own making, foolishly believing that i will use it for R&R during the golden years which may never come?

This i do know—i will bring nothing of the world’s treasures where i am bound. Nor do i even want to, for what the world offers are mere tastes, mere shadows of the Ultimate Reality of my Father’s Kingdom. JESUS Himself has prepared for me something infinitely grander than the sum of all the world’s treasures…my place in Heaven—with Him!


Friday, June 19, 2009


The Beatles sang: Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom…let it be. There will be an answer…let it be.”

Yes…let it be...Let IT be GOD! Let The Answer be GOD.

Today, i got my own, very private, Fourth of July--Independence Day (in the middle of June)…to true freedom…to true independence…to true letting go and letting GOD.

Remember “The rln! Bus”? (MY EULOGY--LAST WORDS: THE rln! BUS) SPIRIT brought me further into a deeper level of letting go and letting Him be the driver of my “bodymind&spirit--the rln! bus.” Here’s His re-vision:

JESUS sits in the driver’s seat, and i, in the passenger seat. GOD is in control.

HE drives—for only He has the ability to see from all angles—with the front, side, rear view mirrors at His disposal. He controls the gas pedal when He sees it’s okay to go full speed ahead. He controls the brakes to stop for destructive debris on the road. He uses the reverse gear to revisit places i’ve overlooked or fallen asleep on. He is at the wheel, always driving towards the same direction--His face set with resolute determination towards our ultimate destination: GOD's Heaven, with Him.

i am in the passenger seat, relaxed because i don’t need to control anything. i am excited, but not stressed. i am delighted, for we, my Most Beloved Best Friend and i, are on another fieldtrip together! i know that this ride is the ultimate--to the nth degree more breathtaking and exhilarating than any ride that will ever be offered at Magic Mountain. And this one’s for real!

JESUS, my trusted Driver, lets me enjoy the world’s scenery, under His wing--in the passenger seat. He stops at places He wants me to taste briefly or drink in deeply. He chooses the adventures, always asking, “Are you in this with me, rln!?” And i always say, “Yes, LORD!” because i trust Him implicitly and completely. i know that He will always give me what is that best "Life 101" experience, according to His infinite wisdom--so whatever He chooses is always fine with me.

He and i are partners, glued at the hip, adventuring together in the rln! bus, named “GODventure.”

i am never bored when i’m with JESUS, my Constant Companion. i am never disappointed in His choices of places to visit, for i know that His ultimate destination for me is our FATHER’s Kingdom. (i may not always feel the most at ease in some of His chosen "rest"-stops, for He does frequently take me to places beyond my comfort zone...but i'm game, as long as He is with me.) These fieldtrip stops are mere visits along the way, not places to establish roots or settle down in comfort. He whispers to me His words of divine wisdom, “Let My Truth set you free, rln!...let ME set you free indeed!.”

i am free! The Truth has set me free. My true freedom, my true independence, my private Fourth of July, came with no fanfare or fireworks, but rather in a clear whisper--

Let IT be ME. Trust Me, the Great I AM, the only One who can successfully drive the rln! bus on this GODventure road trip of a lifetime.” And i reply, with childlike confidence, “Yes, LORD. Yes, JESUS…yes, indeed!"

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Thank You, FATHER, for each breath i will inhale and exhale today—it is only through your inspiration that i am alive this very moment, that this shell will move and dance and paint and type and vacuum and eat and taste and enjoy all that You will bless me with this very day.

Thank You, ABBA, for Your peace that resides in me today—it surpasses all understanding because i am indeed sheltered beneath Your wings, the way a mother hen shelters her chicks—literally, under her feathered armpits--in the midst of downpours and stormy trials.

Thank You, Beloved GOOD SHEPHERD, for finding this lost soul--bringing me into Your fold, healing my self-inflicted wounds from prodigal wandering in the Wilderness, making me to lie down in green pastures and leading me to still waters, filling my cup ‘til it overflows.

Thank You, Dearest COMFORTER, for Your infinitely tender embrace—so immediately available when i tearfully call out to you in need, so graciously abundant in patience and gentleness, so palpably real that it’s almost tactile.

Thank You, DADDY, for feeding my mouth with good things so that my youth is renewed like the eagle’s—for the mangoes and chocolates and ice cream and bagels; for Your Word that nourishes my spirit and renews my mind and teaches me The Way; for the multitude of blessings You gift me each day, packaged in a myriad of boxes and colors (brightly-wrapped-beribboned-pleasing-to-my-eye presents; black-boxed-painful-stressful-get-it-out-of-my-sight surprises; brown-bagged-ordinary-looking-easily-overlooked miracles).

Thank You, JESUS, for my most precious gift of all—Your Cross. And what else can i say? What can i do? But thank You with my own life. But give You back all that i am—for all that i am today, i owe to You. All i am, all i have is Yours.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ad for GOD: one message at a time.
Speak up. Stand up. Be counted as a messenger for GOD -- be a walking advertisement for The ONE!

Make a difference -- wherever you are, with whoever you meet, whenever the SPIRIT of GOD engineers the moment for sharing the Good News. Provide that door for the SPIRIT to open up so that others may hear His Message.

Be a part of the Great Commission -- unobtrusively, yet stylishly. Sow a seed of Light in a darkened soul. Wear the double-edged sword, trusting His Word will not return void.

Stand out as indeed a child of GOD. Literally put on your faith, The Truth, your Great Commission -- right on your person.

Ad(vertise) for GOD in deed!As posted under "WHAT IS rLn ART?" -- i am a living, breathing, walking advertisement for GOD. i'm not just a tract being handed out indiscriminately and thrown away thoughtlessly. i am a willing, ready-and-able mouthpiece for the Gospel of my LORD.

When i put on my Ad for GOD rLn tshirt, i expectantly wait for the Holy SPIRIT to open up a door of opportunity for me to share JESUS. The blessing for me is that i am made conscious and tactilely aware of His Word on my person, so that it becomes my meditation and delight all throughout the day.

Ad(d one more) for GOD with an advertisement for GOD.

P.S. i am again raising funds for the Naselesele Village school children in Taveuni, Fiji. Your charitable donation of any amount is deeply and heartfully appreciated! GOD bless your loving heart!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As you may already know, i have a shop at It is one of the many ways GOD is using to help me manage in this current US economy, as well as providing an opportunity for educational funding for "my" kids at Naselesele Village in Fiji. The shop was at first created out of survival needs, but it has morphed into a means to showcase my "GOD-purposed" rln! Art and (GOD willing) it may become the open door of blessings for those Village kids.

i like living in Truth, in Light, in Love. Being transparent with everyone is part of my process of becoming that child of GOD that He had always intended me to be. And so to those whose hearts GOD may have made tender for children, but have understandable doubts of who this rln! is, asking for financial support; with questions like -- "Is she trustworthy?" or "Is she a person of her words?" -- you may contact my church at for character references. My pastor and church members will be glad to furnish you with information regarding my character in my present walk IN CHRIST. Then you can decide with a clear conscience whether to follow your heart...or not.

As to the percentage of the proceeds from any sales at Cafepress, this is how i've figured it out in the most simple way (i'm not a math major, remember...i'm an artist for CHRIST) --

If Cafepress sends me a $10-check --10 percent goes to GOD (Midway Baptist Church, for that is where i am nourished spiritually and even physically...brownies and such offered during our various Bible studies); 20 percent goes towards company expenses (i.e., taxes, materials needed); 45 percent goes towards "my" kids at Naselesele Village and the remaining 25 percent will go to my CHRISTian brother-business partner (who set up the rln! blog and shop). i will set up a separate bank account for the Village kids, just as i did in 2008 when i dedicated certain monies (t-shirt sales, charitable contributions from Midway Baptist Church, and my workplace) for the Village kids.

It feels good to be transparent with you all. It feels good that you know my heart. It feels good to be part of this thAng! that GOD has "lobbed" over from beyond the horizon. i am excited INDEED!!! to see where GOD takes it.

Thank you for participating, whether as a shopper at Cafepress, or as a JBZ2! prayer warrior...may GOD bless you INDEED!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Almighty Heavenly FATHER, thank You INDEED for all the blessings you lavish upon all your creatures...for allowing us another brand new day, full of promise; waking us in newness that we may pray and read and meditate upon Your WORD.

LORD, i ask in Your most precious name, according to Your perfect will, that You might grant to all You have allowed in my life-walk, including those reading this blog, the joy of realizing CHRIST; the comfort of true peace that comes only from total surrender to Your indwelling SPIRIT; and fearless boldness in asking for Your grace and mercy and blessings, knowing that the Cross of JESUS has cleared the way for those IN CHRIST. 

May You grant each and every one of us wisdom to make choices aligned to Your perfect will; the attitude of forgiveness that we may practice what JESUS taught: to forgive 70x7 = infinite number of times; the humility and meekness of a true child of GOD that we may be teachable and receptive to the Holy SPIRIT's still, small voice; the powerful filling of Your SPIRIT that we may be enabled through Him to do what You have called us to do.

Thank You, Father, for hearing this prayer. i am excited about what You will do! O Holy SPIRIT, help me be that carefully care-less child of GOD. Let me not be a busy-as-a-bee Martha, but rather make me more like her sister Mary, who sat at JESUS' feet, eager to hear and obey His voice. Thank You, JESUS, for the life You sacrificed for such a sinner as i...Thank You for the LIFE You now live in me...AMEN!


rLn! stands for really Love now! Life is short indeed and i want to make a difference! i want to testify for CHRIST, to share Him with others, to put to good use all the talents GOD has given me for His good purpose(s)--to be able to say to GOD when i stand before Him on Judgment Day: "Father...i used up all You've given me!"

i am an artist in CHRIST for GOD. (i am a new creature, a new being, In CHRIST, doing art for His glory.) My Father blessed me with a measure of artistic talent that He is now using in ways i can't see or understand--but i am deeply certain that He is orchestrating abundant blessings for everyone involved in this GODventure.

Each finished work that comes out of me is SPIRIT-given (for every good thing is from GOD, and i trust that the Holy SPIRIT would do the real work, and i will be but the tool with which He will create). And it is my prayer that He will use each particular work as a seed sown in someone’s life to somehow, someway, magnify CHRIST (i don’t need to know the how of it—i simply trust that He will “Just do it!”) It may be a door of opportunity to witness, to share the Word, to glorify GOD. It is one of the ways my Father provides for my material needs, as well as answering my heart’s desire of helping children (in particular, those of Naselesele Village in Fiji).

The rLn OFF-the-WALL clothing line—t-shirts, pants, sarongs--reflect works that draw attention to GOD, His Son, His Word. Each original design includes a GODly message--be it a Bible verse, or relevant GODly words (love, joy, peace), or symbolic abstract--incorporated in such a way that the message is hidden or camouflaged within the design—an attention getter in the manner of a stealth bomber aircraft…just below the radar of ordinary consciousness until SPIRIT turns on the Light in that person’s awareness.

In Old Testament times, according to Jewish tradition, the chosen people literally wore the Law on their person. “You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” (Deuteronomy 6:8-9) Maybe doing this made them feel closer to GOD. It certainly made them more conscious of the Law—as these worked like Post It reminders.

As for me, when i wear one of my Ad-for-GOD rLn t-shirts, i.e., “Those Who Tango, Get Mango!”-- i deliberately put myself in the frame of mind that when i obey the Holy SPIRIT’s leading, i bear fruit! He leads, i follow…and i won’t get kicked in the bum!

The Argentine tango is an exquisite example of two persons completely in sync with each other. One leads, the other follows. Without these very defined roles, there would be no beauty of grace, power or synchronicity. Without complete agreement between leader and follower, pain and clumsy execution result. For it is indeed! a physically dangerous dance with sharp, precision kicks, going every which way, maybe landing in wrongful places…an ouchful kick in the bum or elsewhere!

Those who dance the tango with the Holy SPIRIT bear fruit…get mango (my favorite fruit, by the way). And the more i obey, the more i tango with SPIRIT, so much more will His fruit in me (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) ripen to maturity. When i partner with the SPIRIT of GOD, i am enabled to do whatever it is that GOD, my Father, has called me to do for His glory. Without the SPIRIT’s empowerment, i can do nothing!

Or when i put on the t-shirt that says, ”Look Beyond the Horizon,” someone behind me may be curious enough to ask me what it means. This opens the door for me to share, to explain that Actuality is what i see and experience on this side of the horizon, my life on earth. Beyond the horizon is what i can’t see--GOD’s Reality, His heavenly kingdom. When i aim my sights beyond the horizon, i hope in GOD, i look to JESUS. My faith in Him, His sovereignty, gives me easy childlike assurance that He has everything in control, that He has my best being readied for me, just beyond the horizon where i can’t see His orchestration of every detail. If what i am praying for is aligned with His good purpose, He will allow it to become Actuality here on earth (through the Holy SPIRIT's power).

Anyway, why should i wear a t-shirt with someone else’s advertising (i.e., Got Milk?, Just Do It!, Reebok) and for which i get nothing in return for my being their walking advertisement? Why not wear a t-shirt that really says something meaningful and powerful (Feel the Fear--GO for GOD Anyway!), one that will help me renew my mind, one that will help me meditate on GOD's Word? Why not advertise for GOD instead? Why not put in a good word for Him?

Hence the SPIRIT-purposed Ad-for-GOD rLn art. The Holy SPIRIT of GOD inspires and guides me to create a design, and then He engineers all else so that when i wear His Word on my person, someone (including myself) may be blessed. For it is written: GOD’s word does not come back void.

(P.S. Unique, one-of-a-kind, original rLn t-shirts (joy JESUS truth) may be created tailor-made for you, expressing your taste in colors, your favorite Bible verse or GODly words, your particular t-shirt style and color. To contact me, e-mail me at merlinsazon at yahoo dot com to help me work out the details of your rLn original. If you are a risk-taker at heart, please seriously consider taking a leap of faith with me and join me in this GODventure.)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


The rln! bus—is my bodyheart&soul…my life. The Holy SPIRIT sits at the wheel, in the Driver’s seat. His almighty hands steer in the direction of GOD’s will; His foot on the gas makes the bus go—He accelerates when the way is clear and eases off as He sees dangerous debris up ahead.

His foot at the brakes checks me when i’m veering off the road (maybe i’d fallen asleep at the wheel!). He brakes to stop for the people at the side of the road needing help. He brakes for impending danger. He uses the brakes to slow down this bus at sharp curves, steep grades, foggy conditions…always with my safety in His mind. He brakes at rest stops…green pastures or still waters, so that i may enjoy the view—GOD’s amazing, majestic handiwork.

And i sit in His lap—for He is my Abba, my Papa, my Daddy. i am His child. i am small with short legs (literally!) and cannot reach the gas or brake pedals. So i am free to swing my dangling feet in joyful abandon, for He is in complete control. My hands are also at the wheel, but His almighty ones cover mine. i trust His wisdom implicitly--that as i choose a scenic detour, or fork on the road, or a new highway, He will steer the bus straight on course so that it may not land in a ditch or hit a crossing unicorn.

i am so utterly glad that the Holy SPIRIT is the Driver of the rln! bus! When i get a flat tire (or worse, a blow out), He is more than able to repair it or to change it altogether with a brand new one. When it just needs more air, He just has to breathe life into it that it may be made useful again. SPIRIT knows best how to maintain this bus in tip-top condition…He even provides the gas to run it! i’m in the best of hands with the SPIRIT of GOD as the Driver of the rln! bus!

For the SPIRIT’s eyes are ever alert—looking at the rearview mirror for those monsters of the past that may still be trying to reattach themselves onto my rear-end bumper. He is always wide-awake, looking at the side mirrors for worldly lusts that may blindside me. He is ever looking ahead, beyond the horizon—to JESUS! —guaranteeing that this bus will make it to its final destination…not limping or out of gas, but revved up, crossing that finish line, having run the race--mission impossible accomplished!

And what is the mission of this rln! bus?

To take in hitchhikers, wanderers, backpackers, joyriders, coat-tail hangers on, feet washers, packrats, adventurers, muddied-up travelers (like me)…in this bus that is my life…that we all may arrive at Heaven’s Gate, that JESUS may say to us all: "Well done, good and faithful sons and daughters!”

And then at last, i will see JESUS smile…and i will fall down at His feet, with tears of immeasurable joy and unutterable gratefulness, bathing His feet.

And He will raise me up with His almighty, loving nail-scarred hands and say--“Welcome home, rln!”

(i'm not being morbid! i just want to be prepared for that day. It's like a "last hurrah" ( getting in the last word?!) in case i'm called unexpectedly...and honestly, are any of us truly ready for what's beyond the horizon? The above will be read by my church pastor when that appropriate time comes. i don't take life for granted any more...each new day that i'm allowed to ride this rln! bus is a mighty blessing INDEED!!! from my Father in Heaven. This would be my last-ditch effort to make a difference in someone's life in the most important way, especially those unsaved family and friends, even after i've crossed over to that Other Side, beyond the horizon. My prayer is that those attending my memorial service will be touched by the Holy SPIRIT with these words.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WHO AM i? Condemn NOT...

WHO am i to condemn other sinNERs? am i not mySELF one who STILL sins?

WHO am i to exact REvenge upon another? Was it not GOD Himself who said, "Vengeance is Mine, I WILL REpay!"?

WHO am i not to FORGIVE EVERYone who has SINned against me? am i not mySELF totally UNdeserving of GOD's UNfathomable GRACE, His IMmeasurable MERCY, His INdescribable GIFT of FORGIVEness through His SON, CHRIST JESUS?

Was it not JESUS Himself who SUFFERED the crown of thorns -- for you and for me?

Was it not JESUS Himself whose hands and feet were HAMMERED with nails on Calvary's tree -- for you and for me?

Was it not JESUS Himself whose body was TORTURED bloody -- for you and for me?

Was it not JESUS Himself whose heart was broken by the ULTIMATE Rejection of The FATHER -- for you and for me?

Was it not JESUS Himself who said "FATHER, FORGIVE THEM for they know not what they do" -- for you and for me?

WHO am i? Hopeless SINNER duped by the god of this world -- BUT for the Sacrifice of The LAMB of GOD -- and NOW, no longer of THIS world but of GOD's Kingdom.

WHO am i? SELF-righteous FOOL dressed in filthy rags -- BUT for GOD The SON's Perfect RIGHTEOUSNESS -- and NOW, robed in The DESIGNER's Handiwork .

WHO am i? DEAD-man walking -- BUT for The Risen LORD's Resurrection LIFE -- and NOW, His LIFE withIN me as salt and light in this putrid and darkened passing world.

WHO am i? Wretched and condemned, HELL-bound Soul -- BUT for GOD's Saving GRACE -- and NOW, a SAVED born-again Soul whose ETERNAL Destiny is HEAVEN.

WHO am i? Lifeless FLESH and dry bones -- BUT for the Quickening LORD SPIRIT -- and NOW, led and TRANSFORMED withIN by HIM more and MORE into the likeness of CHRIST.

WHO am i? Child of GOD -- The Sovereign KING's own Beloved Daughter -- NOW and forEVERmore!

WHO am i? Slave of RIGHTEOUSNESS -- The LORD of Lord's own Peculiar Possession -- NOW and forEVERmore!

WHO am i? By GOD's Grace alone, by Faith alone, IN CHRIST alone, i am who i am:

i am CHRISTian -- i am The LORD's very own  -- NOW and forEVERmore! \o/

Monday, June 1, 2009


Here it is again, just around the corner—Father’s Day…the day we celebrate our fathers and thank them for their contribution(s) in our lives.
But what if my father was not the ideal dad, as the one in Father’s Knows Best, Bill Cosby Show, or Leave It to Beaver? What if my father was one with muddied feet…or worse?

My father died from lung cancer in 2004 while i was in Fiji. i got back in time for his burial and was allowed to speak, where i tried to make peace between my Mom (the “old” wife) and the current wife (the “new” wife). Tensions ran high as their feelings got in the way. i was told that i gave a stirring speech, but it didn’t really make much difference between the warring parties.

How do i remember my father? Not with much emotion…though with some regret that i didn’t get to know him better. i was born in the Philippines, and for nearly 10 years, saw my father but once or twice a year (as he was in the US Navy, only coming home to visit during WestPac trips). When he came home, he was like an uncle, with presents and parties…but i felt shy with him. He didn’t feel like a Dad.

After we immigrated to the States, my father still felt like an uncle…he was with us physically, but as a Dad, he was emotionally elsewhere. My father provided for our material needs, but our emotional needs were unmet. To me, my father was a stranger, not a Dad at all.

My parents had many issues that negatively impacted us three children. My brother is still a little warped from their cold and sterile relationship. How would you like it if you were the only son in the family, yet your father treated you like a bastard, as if you weren’t even his son?

For the most part, my father failed at being a Dad. But he got a second chance at being a better father to my half-sister when he and Mom got divorced in their mid-60s. It was strange having a little sister when i was already in my 40s! But i was glad that my father got that second chance at fatherhood. i was neutral in the subsequent family relationship—i wasn’t emotionally attached to my father and was able to socialize with the new family.

If there’s any real regret at my father’s absence, it’s that i’m not sure whether my witness to him about CHRIST as the way to Heaven led to his salvation. From Mom’s account, he did repent of the wrongs that caused her so much pain and asked for her forgiveness as he laid suffering on his hospital deathbed. He gifted my Mom with that peace offering…and i’m very grateful for that.

Today i remember my father with just a touch of sadness…he must have been very unhappy to have lived that double life. i have forgiven him for everything…even that he also “divorced” us kids when he divorced Mom.

i am grateful that my father was “Dad enough” in that he didn’t leave us in the Philippines to live in near poverty. He did not abuse us sexually nor hit us nor was a drunk nor a drug addict. He provided us with shelter, food and clothing. He was Dad enough!

My real father is my FATHER in heaven. He is more than enough! He never leaves me nor forsakes me. He gives me peace that surpasses all understanding. He causes everything to work together for my good because He knows i love Him. He satisfies my mouth with good things so that my youth is renewed like an eagle’s. He upholds me with His mighty right hand. He is ever patient, merciful and gracious with me. He forgives me when i confess my wrongs and He doesn’t hold grudges. As far as the East is from the West, so far has He removed my sins.

He loves me just the way i am…imperfect and sharp around the edges, but trusting and resting in Him alone. With Him in my corner, what have i to fear?

So on Father’s Day, i remember my father with calm acceptance of all that was and i celebrate and honor my FATHER for all that He is!

Happy FATHER’s Day, INDEED!!!