Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As you may already know, i have a shop at cafepress.com/rln. It is one of the many ways GOD is using to help me manage in this current US economy, as well as providing an opportunity for educational funding for "my" kids at Naselesele Village in Fiji. The shop was at first created out of survival needs, but it has morphed into a means to showcase my "GOD-purposed" rln! Art and (GOD willing) it may become the open door of blessings for those Village kids.

i like living in Truth, in Light, in Love. Being transparent with everyone is part of my process of becoming that child of GOD that He had always intended me to be. And so to those whose hearts GOD may have made tender for children, but have understandable doubts of who this rln! is, asking for financial support; with questions like -- "Is she trustworthy?" or "Is she a person of her words?" -- you may contact my church at midwaybaptistchurch.com for character references. My pastor and church members will be glad to furnish you with information regarding my character in my present walk IN CHRIST. Then you can decide with a clear conscience whether to follow your heart...or not.

As to the percentage of the proceeds from any sales at Cafepress, this is how i've figured it out in the most simple way (i'm not a math major, remember...i'm an artist for CHRIST) --

If Cafepress sends me a $10-check --10 percent goes to GOD (Midway Baptist Church, for that is where i am nourished spiritually and even physically...brownies and such offered during our various Bible studies); 20 percent goes towards company expenses (i.e., taxes, materials needed); 45 percent goes towards "my" kids at Naselesele Village and the remaining 25 percent will go to my CHRISTian brother-business partner (who set up the rln! blog and shop). i will set up a separate bank account for the Village kids, just as i did in 2008 when i dedicated certain monies (t-shirt sales, charitable contributions from Midway Baptist Church, and my workplace) for the Village kids.

It feels good to be transparent with you all. It feels good that you know my heart. It feels good to be part of this thAng! that GOD has "lobbed" over from beyond the horizon. i am excited INDEED!!! to see where GOD takes it.

Thank you for participating, whether as a shopper at Cafepress, or as a JBZ2! prayer warrior...may GOD bless you INDEED!

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