Monday, June 8, 2009


Almighty Heavenly FATHER, thank You INDEED for all the blessings you lavish upon all your creatures...for allowing us another brand new day, full of promise; waking us in newness that we may pray and read and meditate upon Your WORD.

LORD, i ask in Your most precious name, according to Your perfect will, that You might grant to all You have allowed in my life-walk, including those reading this blog, the joy of realizing CHRIST; the comfort of true peace that comes only from total surrender to Your indwelling SPIRIT; and fearless boldness in asking for Your grace and mercy and blessings, knowing that the Cross of JESUS has cleared the way for those IN CHRIST. 

May You grant each and every one of us wisdom to make choices aligned to Your perfect will; the attitude of forgiveness that we may practice what JESUS taught: to forgive 70x7 = infinite number of times; the humility and meekness of a true child of GOD that we may be teachable and receptive to the Holy SPIRIT's still, small voice; the powerful filling of Your SPIRIT that we may be enabled through Him to do what You have called us to do.

Thank You, Father, for hearing this prayer. i am excited about what You will do! O Holy SPIRIT, help me be that carefully care-less child of GOD. Let me not be a busy-as-a-bee Martha, but rather make me more like her sister Mary, who sat at JESUS' feet, eager to hear and obey His voice. Thank You, JESUS, for the life You sacrificed for such a sinner as i...Thank You for the LIFE You now live in me...AMEN!


  1. GOD blessed me INDEED!!! with a surprise present, wrapped up in an ominous black colored box--the distressing disguise of family turmoil. Issues of rejection, being judged, seeking approval and validation from those of the world, the perceived threat of being made homeless--all were triggered this morning. BUT GOD! used the tears to heal past wounds; strengthened my faith in His mercy by immediately! giving me comfort when i cried out for His help; answered my prayers for wisdom and understanding about this stressful situation; AND the Holy SPIRIT opened up the eyes of my heart to many insightful readings, right on time to calm and give me undeniable peace--"The Imitation of CHRIST" (Thomas a Kempis, pp. 118-123); "Still Higher for His Highest" (Oswald Chambers, p.89); "Our Daily Bread" (June 13, 2009, reading); and "On My Knees" (June 13, reading). The Holy SPIRIT orchestrated everything to give me all these writings for today's dilemma.

    The multiple lessons the Holy SPIRIT pressed upon me today were (1)to put GOD first in ALL ways, always! In EVERY thing, EVERY time, make Him part of the equation. (i got up to start painting instead of doing my usual early morning devotional hour or two with GOD.) (2)Don't act on my own...wait for His move. If He's not with me on something, STOP! and wait until He shows the way. (3)Confrontation without love in my heart fails each time! (4)Don't let feelings affect my judgment! (All emotion is transitory--pray for guidance and strength to weather it through, receive the SPIRIT's wisdom and peace, then act. (5)Romans 8:28--"He causes ALL things to work together for good to those who love Him." (At this morning's JBZ2! group meeting, we were all blessed as i shared and bared my raw emotions. GOD used all for His glory...proving to us (as always) His unlimited mercy and grace!


  2. Answered Prayers from JBZ2! Prayer Group: (1) Magdalena woke up from her coma and her son witnessed to her (2) Sandy was empowered by the SPIRIT (physically and emotionally) to let go (and/or donate) boxes and boxes and boxes of "stuff!" that were weighing her down (3) Jasinia's husband found his wallet with the all important credit cards and green card (4) i got that painting job (cafeteria wall at church) to tide me over during this financial crunch (5) Thelma, 92, suffered a stroke, but without real damage (6) Bea will be moving in into a better, new apartment (7) GOD brought me to a place of joy: with or without blessings--JESUS is enough for me!