Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ad for GOD: one message at a time.
Speak up. Stand up. Be counted as a messenger for GOD -- be a walking advertisement for The ONE!

Make a difference -- wherever you are, with whoever you meet, whenever the SPIRIT of GOD engineers the moment for sharing the Good News. Provide that door for the SPIRIT to open up so that others may hear His Message.

Be a part of the Great Commission -- unobtrusively, yet stylishly. Sow a seed of Light in a darkened soul. Wear the double-edged sword, trusting His Word will not return void.

Stand out as indeed a child of GOD. Literally put on your faith, The Truth, your Great Commission -- right on your person.

Ad(vertise) for GOD in deed!As posted under "WHAT IS rLn ART?" -- i am a living, breathing, walking advertisement for GOD. i'm not just a tract being handed out indiscriminately and thrown away thoughtlessly. i am a willing, ready-and-able mouthpiece for the Gospel of my LORD.

When i put on my Ad for GOD rLn tshirt, i expectantly wait for the Holy SPIRIT to open up a door of opportunity for me to share JESUS. The blessing for me is that i am made conscious and tactilely aware of His Word on my person, so that it becomes my meditation and delight all throughout the day.

Ad(d one more) for GOD with an advertisement for GOD.

P.S. i am again raising funds for the Naselesele Village school children in Taveuni, Fiji. Your charitable donation of any amount is deeply and heartfully appreciated! GOD bless your loving heart!

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