Friday, June 19, 2009


The Beatles sang: Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom…let it be. There will be an answer…let it be.”

Yes…let it be...Let IT be GOD! Let The Answer be GOD.

Today, i got my own, very private, Fourth of July--Independence Day (in the middle of June)…to true freedom…to true independence…to true letting go and letting GOD.

Remember “The rln! Bus”? (MY EULOGY--LAST WORDS: THE rln! BUS) SPIRIT brought me further into a deeper level of letting go and letting Him be the driver of my “bodymind&spirit--the rln! bus.” Here’s His re-vision:

JESUS sits in the driver’s seat, and i, in the passenger seat. GOD is in control.

HE drives—for only He has the ability to see from all angles—with the front, side, rear view mirrors at His disposal. He controls the gas pedal when He sees it’s okay to go full speed ahead. He controls the brakes to stop for destructive debris on the road. He uses the reverse gear to revisit places i’ve overlooked or fallen asleep on. He is at the wheel, always driving towards the same direction--His face set with resolute determination towards our ultimate destination: GOD's Heaven, with Him.

i am in the passenger seat, relaxed because i don’t need to control anything. i am excited, but not stressed. i am delighted, for we, my Most Beloved Best Friend and i, are on another fieldtrip together! i know that this ride is the ultimate--to the nth degree more breathtaking and exhilarating than any ride that will ever be offered at Magic Mountain. And this one’s for real!

JESUS, my trusted Driver, lets me enjoy the world’s scenery, under His wing--in the passenger seat. He stops at places He wants me to taste briefly or drink in deeply. He chooses the adventures, always asking, “Are you in this with me, rln!?” And i always say, “Yes, LORD!” because i trust Him implicitly and completely. i know that He will always give me what is that best "Life 101" experience, according to His infinite wisdom--so whatever He chooses is always fine with me.

He and i are partners, glued at the hip, adventuring together in the rln! bus, named “GODventure.”

i am never bored when i’m with JESUS, my Constant Companion. i am never disappointed in His choices of places to visit, for i know that His ultimate destination for me is our FATHER’s Kingdom. (i may not always feel the most at ease in some of His chosen "rest"-stops, for He does frequently take me to places beyond my comfort zone...but i'm game, as long as He is with me.) These fieldtrip stops are mere visits along the way, not places to establish roots or settle down in comfort. He whispers to me His words of divine wisdom, “Let My Truth set you free, rln!...let ME set you free indeed!.”

i am free! The Truth has set me free. My true freedom, my true independence, my private Fourth of July, came with no fanfare or fireworks, but rather in a clear whisper--

Let IT be ME. Trust Me, the Great I AM, the only One who can successfully drive the rln! bus on this GODventure road trip of a lifetime.” And i reply, with childlike confidence, “Yes, LORD. Yes, JESUS…yes, indeed!"

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