Friday, July 20, 2012

WWJD - GOD's Hand In Taveuni, FIJI

When “my” 11-year old Beni died—that tragic death in Naselesele Village—i asked Pastor Boschen of Ocean View Church (San Diego, California) to send 150 WWJD (What Would JESUS Do) wristbands to help the kids at the Village make wise decisions by following JESUS’ example.
This is how GOD orchestrated all things so that He might show Himself all-powerful, all-wise, ALLways loving—for He is our all-compassionate Father in Heaven, our utterly amazing and incredibly awesome GOD Who answers prayers.

After more than a month of waiting, the wristbands arrived at the Waiyevo post office, with $F136 extra fees!  i was crestfallen.  i didn’t have that kind of extra money to spend.  Literally in tears, i begged the postal clerks to release my package…even pleading, “Keep the box, just let me have the contents.” (Duh!) They had no authority to release the package or waive the fees—the Suva authorities held that power.

i left the post office empty handed, heavy hearted, face crumpled up with tears.  But just around the corner, inside Tila Madden’s post box was a brown envelope—with 55 of the WWJD bands!  HALLELUIAH! Instant joy caused my heart to dance, and my grateful spirit praised GOD for His timely grace and mercy. \o/

Some of the 55 WWJD bands, i gave to the Bucalevu Secondary students (belonging to the SUIS CHRISTian Fellowship, led by Chaplain Paulini) to wear for the Thursday “Learning Substance Abuse Through Technology” presentation of my WWJD poem…that same program where i was privileged to share my daughter Maia’s testimony of drug abuse and victory over her addictions – empowered by the indwelling SPIRIT of GOD.  i shared that when Maia committed her life to GOD through CHRIST JESUS, He gave her the SPIRIT’s supernatural strength to overcome her destructive habit.  All praise and honor to GOD—today, Maia is three years drug-free and also no longer enslaved to alcohol or cigarettes.  HALLELUIAH! \o/
But the other 95 bands were still at the post office.  GOD put in my mind to contact Police Commissioner Naivalurua (in Suva), one of Naselesele’s homegrown.  At the Matei police post, i got his phone number, along with the Police Chaplain’s.  They heard my WWJD story, and i asked for their help -- “kerekere” – because of Beni, for Naselesele kids’ sake.  i was referred to the Waiyevo police for assistance.

The next morning, because police officers Mosese nor Bale could not accompany me to the post office, GOD gave me officer Save (who is my brother-in-CHRIST, who also goes to the Assembly of GOD church in Matei) to help me at the post office. \o/

But even with Save there as Naivalurua’s agent, the package could not be released without authorization from the “big boss” in Suva, Pita Raiqeu.  i needed to call him, and that very same morning, Vodafone gave me $F5 free money in my account. \o/ We talked…i pleaded for the WWJD bands, because of Beni, and for the kids’ sake.
Pita, in his handicraft shop -- my brother in CHRIST
Raiqeu requested e-mail confirmation of my story...and right next door to the post office, which i hadn't noticed before, was a one-computer internet cafe ($3/hour) with praise music played, run by Pita who owns the commodities store and attached gift shop -- also my brother-in-CHRIST! \o/  Here, i posted on Facebook for prayers that GOD will soften Raiqeu's heart.

Even with the e-mailed story…no go…blocked.  But GOD kept working…

Back at the police station…up that long hill—again—i thanked Save for his help and told Him it was all in GOD’s hands.  Save suggested the District Office—the DO himself, another “big boss” in Taveuni.  Great idea—vakasama vinaka!  \o/

No DO—the “big boss” was still on the Taveuni-bound boat, returning from Suva.  But acting DO Tema (and radini) was there in his stead.  She is my brother-in-law’s pastor’s wife – my sister-in-CHRIST! \o/  She called Raiqeu in Suva, faxed the paper with the $F136 fee info…and Raiqeu promised that Robin (Suva office) who was handling my case will release the package the next morning—with the $F136 fee waived.  HALLELUIAH! \o/
So again, taking the 7 a.m. bus from Matei, i went to the post office and called Raiqeu to remind him of his promise.  At 9 a.m., Robin faxed the release to the Waiyevo office—and with a smile a mile wide—i gratefully received my precious 95 WWJD wristbands.   “GOD is good!” was heard from me throughout the whole day.

i shared this fantastic work of GOD to the SUIS Fellowship at Bucalevu, gave them more of the wristbands, telling them that these are from GOD Himself—very special—and recited the WWJD poem again, to remind them if they follow and act upon JESUS’ example, they will make wise decisions.
SUIS CHRISTian Fellowship
at Bucalevu Secondary School
Police Officers, Waiyevo
Health Inspector, center
Radini Tema, acting D.O.

What would JESUS do?
Never you mind what others would –
Filo, Petero, or even Manu.

To always choose wisely,
All you need to do –
Is to follow CHRIST JESUS closely.

Would JESUS, on drugs, get high?
No!  Rather He would fly
A kite higher than the sky.

Would JESUS smoke tobacco or weed?
No, never!  Rather He would help
All those in trouble and in need.

Would JESUS get drunk and brawl?
No, never ever!  Rather He would give
His surpassing peace and everlasting joy to y’all.

WHAT would JESUS do?
Whatever is good and heavenly –
THAT only, He would do.

What would you do?
So that your choice –
Later, you would not rue?

THINK! before you HNHdecide,
May your choice be lovely –
And, In CHRIST, abide.
Choose CHRIST.