Friday, June 26, 2009


Why does his death touch me so? Why do i mourn for someone i don’t even really know? Why the feeling of loss?

Because Michael Jackson’s death hit home, again, the fact that life is indeed very, very short, no matter the seeming longevity of 100 years lived.

Because his music touched my dancing bones and my very soul.

Because i grew up “with” him (being of the same age bracket)—i watched him manifest from young cute loveable to mega-star showstopper to media-hounded eccentric.

i’m sad that i won’t be hearing and seeing new works from him anymore, as i’m glad that Paul McCartney is yet around to grace us with his songwriting and singing talents.

But during Jackson’s allotted time on earth, he made good use of the talents GOD had abundantly measured to him. GOD filled him to overflowing and Jackson didn’t keep these talents buried—he poured out what GOD had poured in. And the world was blessed with this outpouring of soulful music and dance.

But NOW what? Where is Jackson’s spirit bound—was he at peace with his Maker…did he even realize his Creator? Or was he to the very end that troubled soul the media portrayed him to be?

Michael Jackson had fame and fortune laid at his doorstep. He ran big with it…he drank it to the last drop. Was his thirst quenched? Was the deep longing in his heart filled and satisfied?

When Death came knocking at his doorstep, Death took him as naked as when he was born, leaving all the paraphernalia of fame and fortune behind.

NOW what? Did anyone in his entourage reveal to him the true Source of joy and peace and love? Did anyone pray for him? Did anyone minister to his soul?

Or were most like me, shocked at the loss, and praying for mercy from GOD now that it’s too late?

Jackson’s passing—like a brilliant Haley’s Comet—was spectacular indeed, yet will not be repeated as Haley’s Comet will repeat its awesome trajectory pass by our earth in 2061.

How about us “Regular Joes,” us mere mortals still left behind—are we putting to good use, to the last drop, the talents GOD has poured in? Are we using our gifts to gift back to those around us? Are we allowing GOD’s SPIRIT to move through us to further His Great Commission by giving Him complete access to the talents that He Himself gave us in the first place? Or are we using these borrowed talents and resources to further our own causes and agendas?

i don’t know Michael Jackson’s relationship with our LORD, or if he even had one. But i do know that his earthly death is final—no more will he do his good works for the entertainment industry of the world. His bright candle was finally snuffed out, never to be lit again on this earth.

i do know that only GOD has the infinite wisdom to judge the heart of man, including Michael Jackson’s, including yours and mine.

His unexpected death has affected me more than his glamorous life ever did—it puts my own life upfront for scrutiny: am i using all my GOD-given gifts for His glory or for my own fleeting earthly pleasures? Am i sending my riches ahead to Heaven or hoarding them here on earth, stored in a barn of my own making, foolishly believing that i will use it for R&R during the golden years which may never come?

This i do know—i will bring nothing of the world’s treasures where i am bound. Nor do i even want to, for what the world offers are mere tastes, mere shadows of the Ultimate Reality of my Father’s Kingdom. JESUS Himself has prepared for me something infinitely grander than the sum of all the world’s treasures…my place in Heaven—with Him!


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