Wednesday, January 2, 2013



BE WHAT you Already ARE -- IN CHRIST!

You, O LORD, did ALL that i NEVER could!

i have NO earthly mansion

Heaven is my Home!

i REjoice with JOY!

GLORIOUS Adversative Conjunction!


JESUS is my Great Shepherd

GOD is my Heavenly Dad!

My Heart's SONG

NOT of This World
For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the LORD JESUS CHRIST. (Philippians 3:20)
ALL that REALLY Matters IS...
For do i now persuade men, or GOD? Or do i seek to please men? For if i still pleased men, i would not be a slave of CHRIST. (Galatians 1:10)

WHO is me?
JESUS is my WAY -- He is the Path of righteousness.
JESUS is my TRUTH -- HE is the WORD infallible.
JESUS is my LIFE -- HE is the Fountain ever flowing.
JESUS is my LORD, my Master, my GOD.

HE is the SHIELD who protects me from satan's assaults --
The ROCK on which my faith is built.
HE is the KING who reigns sovereign --
The SHEPHERD whose care is faithful and true.
HE is the JUDGE who sees the inner man --
The REFUGE during trials to whom i run.
HE is the FORTRESS impregnable --
The AVENGER of the weak and oppressed.
HE is the CREATOR of ALL things from NO thing --
The DELIVERER of those who love and obey Him.
HE is the HEALER of the brokenhearted --
The PROTECTOR of the humble and the meek.
HE is the PROVIDER of my daily bread --
The REDEEMER of this wretched lost.
HE is the ALPHA and the OMEGA --
The AUTHOR and FINISHER of my faith.
The ARTIST DIVINE of each masterpiece.
HE is the FATHER who knows me best --
The One i call ABBA, DAD, because i am His own.
HE is the heavenly BREAD of life --
The abundant NOURISHER of this child.
HE is the LIGHT of the world --
The perfect GUIDE to this once darkened soul.
HE is the DOOR of the sheepfold --
The narrow GATE where this penitent entered.
The OWNER of this prodigal sheep.
HE is the RESURRECTION and the LIFE --
The PROMISE KEEPER in whom i trust.
HE is the TRUE VINE -- 
The eternal SOURCE to whom i cling.

JESUS is The WAY, The TRUTH and The LIFE --
HE is my Way, my Truth and my Life.
In ALL ways, always -- HE is my ALL in all
ForEVER and EVER, for EVERmore.


This is the day the LORD has made,
that i may live the Life! He wants me to.

This is the heart the LORD has made,
that i may love all those He wants me to.

This is the mind the LORD has made,
that i may think the thoughts He wants me to.

These are the hands the LORD has made,
that i may do the works He wants me to.

These are the feet the LORD has made,
that i may walk the Way He wants me to.

These are the lips the LORD has made,
that i may speak the Truth that He wants me to.

This is the face the LORD has made,
that i may show the joy He wants me to.

And this is the body the LORD has made,
that i may honor Him as He wants me to.

Reasons and Lessons in GOD's Seasons 
i believe there’s always a reason -- 
And that reason i need not always know. 
ALL are in GOD’s timely season -- 
He’s ALLways in the matter where i go. 

i believe there’s always a lesson --
And that lesson i desire to know.
Born again, no more that independent person --
A new creature i am, and in The Way...i want to grow.

101 GODventureZ With JESUS

Carefully care-less in CHRIST,
i’m worry free.
Recklessly abandoned to JESUS,
i’m filled with glee.
Willfully surrendered in CHRIST,
i’m washing feet.
Passionately devoted to JESUS,
i’m loving Him in deed.

Passing through Life-101, with JESUS at the wheel --
He alone, the Driver of this vehicle, my fleeting life.
i, trusting like a child, awestruck, by His side --
A no-big-deal nobody, a body...without fret or strife.

My Constant Companion is in control --
No matter what the situation may be.
He, by far, is stronger than that lying Troll --
For He is the great I AM...all mighty!

A new day, another GODventure --
Traveling with JESUS, footloose and truly free.
He and i, hand in hand, living GODventureZ 101 --
He the Master Guide, and i...the no-big-deal nobody.

Carefully care-less in CHRIST,
i’m worry free.
Recklessly abandoned to JESUS,
i’m filled with glee.
Willfully surrendered in CHRIST,
i’m washing feet.
Passionately devoted to JESUS,
i’m loving Him INDEED!


Ever changing, ever in motion.
Like a constant ebb and flow,
The tide of life is ever on the go.

Waves, big and small, never do they cease--
At times, even rouge waves,
GOD does release.

But do not fear, for GOD is near--overwhelmed, do not be;

For with His SPIRIT, we ride through each stormy sea.

Zealous For JESUS

Catholic no more, New Age, nor Baptist be...
"FAN-atic" i am for JESUS -- CHRIST is He.

"Fan" of His (a number 1), an "addict" for His Life and Truth...
People think i'm a JESUS-freak, a trifle uncouth.

i don't care! For JESUS, this cross i will gladly bear...
For He promised: no more tears will my sad eyes bare.

Best Friend is He -- mine for all eternity...
Saved from eternal hell, for He died for me.

It matters not What GOD does, ALLways perfect is His will...
It matters only Who He is, sovereign Creator then -- and still.

So i share the Gospel of GOD...
 The Good News of peace, with which my feet are shod.

Not by political correctness nor eloquence will i convert anyone...
But by the power and might of the Holy SPIRIT will the hearer not shun.

Obeying the Word, and unto CHRIST i leave all my cares...
For He's my Good Shepherd, and i but a sheep that dares.

Forgive me if i ruffled your feathers with clumsy utterances...
But please DO look Upwards, for down is for fools and dunces.

Have You Ever Heard ROCKS SING?

Have you ever heard rocks sing?
Or baby waves whisper sweet somethings?

Have you ever seen a curtain of rain?
Or a rainbow upside down?

Have you ever felt the silk of a rose petal upon your cheek?
Or a cat's tongue rough on your palm?

Have you ever whistled the wind to a hermit crab?
Or sang a secret melody to the Beloved One?

Have you ever hugged a tree with reverence for GOD?
Or tenderly embraced a lifeless bundled one?

Have you ever tasted the sweetness of sea urchin eggs?
Or drank the salt of your own tears?

Have you ever smelled the freshness of morning fog?
Or the tang of a wind-blown Taveuni breeze?

Have you ever seen a heart in the clouds?
Or a heart broken and bleeding?

Have you ever been loved by someone as JESUS loved?
Or loved anyone as CHRIST loves you?

Gratefully and humbly, i can say YES to all --
Except the last...for no man can ever love like JESUS!

So i pray each and every day...

LORD, make my heart a channel for Your love,
Have your compassion flow through me like a river --
So that i may learn to love others as You love me.

i'm a dancing fool for You, LORD!
Anytime, anywhere --

i'll do a jig for You.

'Cuz you gave me Your all,
You gave Your very life!
All that i am -- everything i own
You gave to me --
i am Yours!

Out of my comfort zone i go -

-Though the world may laugh,
Though they may scorn.
In You alone --
i find my joy,
i find my strength.

i'll dance a jig for You, LORD...
i'll be Your dancing fool!

i am! Your dancing fool!


The LORD GOD is the Artist of my life.
i am but the brush with which He paints --
the rainbows after the rain,
the silver lining in the clouds,
the flowers that brighten my path.

The LORD GOD is the Potter of my life.
i am but the clay beneath His hands --
that He shapes for His good works,
that He forms according to His good purpose,
that He fills with His Holy SPIRIT.

The LORD GOD is the the Master Craftsman of my life.
i am His creation, a saint being sanctified --
He sculpts my form to please His sight,
He smooths out the rough edges,
He perfects my self-induced imperfections.

The LORD GOD is the Artist of my life,
He is the Potter, the Master Craftsman.
i stand amazed, i am in awe --
that the Almighty Creator, GOD of heaven and earth

is my Father and i, His child!


It's Spring time, it's Resurrection time!
The winter season is over --
The darkness has gone...light awaits.

Thank You, LORD
for growing me in that piercing darkness --
drawing me ever closer to you,
upholding me with Your almighty righteous right hand.

It's Spring time, it's Resurrection time!
i'm breaking new ground --
i'm putting forth new leaves,
i'm ready to bloom!

Thank You, LORD
for nourishing me with Your gracious light --
protecting me from harm,
leading me with Your almighty righteous right hand.


Come, LORD JESUS, my heart is Yours --
Put Your feet up, make Yourself at home!

Come, Holy SPIRIT, my body is Your domain --
Sweep me clean for my Beloved LORD.

Come, Almighty FATHER, my mind is but the clay beneath Your hands --
Shape me as You will, for Your desire is my delight.


Bless the LORD, the LORD of our lives –
For the gift of Jazmyn, our bundle of joy.
From GOD’s lovingkindness and tender mercies, she came
Bringing abundance: blessings of love, healing and eternal hope.

Bless the LORD, the LORD of our souls --
For the miracle of Jazmyn, our shooting star from above,
Whose brief appearance touched our hearts,
Whose very presence healed her own mother’s wounds.

Bless the LORD, the LORD of all creation -
For our blessed Jazmyn, the spark that lit up our days,
The bloom that scented our moment,
The unforgettable melody that we'll sing 'til day's end.

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