Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Resolute RESOLUTION -- A Solemn VOW

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  (Isaiah 5:20)
O LORD, i have heard Your voice and was afraid.  You have called me to an awesome task in a grave and perilous hour.  You are about to shake all nations and the earth and also heaven, that the things that cannot be shaken may remain. O LORD, my LORD, You have stooped to honor me to be Your servant.  No man takes this honor upon himself save he that is called of GOD as was Aaron.  You have ordained me Your messenger to them that are stubborn of heart and hard of hearing.  They have rejected You, the Master, and it is not to be expected that they will receive me, the servant.

My GOD, i shall not waste time deploring my weakness nor my unfitness for the work.  The responsibility is not mine, but Yours.  You have said, "I knew you -- I ordained you -- I sanctified you," and You have also said, "You shall go to all that I shall send you, and whatsoever I command you, you shall speak."  Who am i to argue with You or to call into question Your sovereign choice?  The decision is not mine but Yours.  So be it, LORD.  Your will, not mine, be done.

Well do i know, You are GOD of the prophets and the apostles, that as long as i honor You, You will honor me.  Help me therefore to take this solemn vow to honor You in all my future life and labors, whether by gain or by loss, by life or by death, and then to keep that vow unbroken while i live.

i beseech You, give me sharp eyes to detect the presence of the Enemy; give me understanding to see and courage to report what i see faithfully.  Make my voice so like Your own that even the sick sheep will recognize it and follow You.

May we all serve like the Master Servant -- with all meekness and the supernatural power of the Holy SPIRIT.
LORD JESUS, i come to You for spiritual preparation. Lay Your hand upon me.  Anoint me with the oil of the New Testament prophet.  Forbid that i should become a religious scribe and thus lose my prophetic calling.  Save me from the curse that lies dark across the face of modern clergy, the curse of compromise, of imitation, of professionalism.  Save me from the error of judging a church by its size, its popularity or the amount of its yearly offering.  Help me to remember that i am a prophet -- not a promoter, not a religious manager, but a prophet.  Let me never become a slave to crowds.  Heal my soul of carnal ambitions and deliver me from the itch for publicity.  Save me from the bondage to things.  Let me not waste my days puttering around the house.  Lay Your terror upon me, O GOD, and drive me to the place of prayer where i may wrestle with principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world.  Deliver me from overeating and late sleeping.  Teach me self-discipline that i may be a good soldier of CHRIST JESUS.

i accept hard work and small rewards in this life.  i ask for no easy place.  i shall try to be blind to the little ways that could make life easier.  If others seek the smoother path, i shall try to take the hard way without judging them too harshly.  i shall expect opposition and try to take it quietly when it comes.

Or if, i should have grateful gifts pressed upon me by Your kindly people, stand by me then and save me from the blight that often follows.  Teach me to use whatever i receive in such manner that will not injure my soul nor diminish my spiritual power.  And if in Your permissive providence honor should come to me by Your church, let me not forget in that hour that i am unworthy of the least of Your mercies, and that if men knew me as intimately as i know myself, they would withhold their honors or bestow them upon others more worthy to receive them.

And now, O LORD of heaven and earth, i consecrate my remaining days to You; let them be many or few, as You will.  Let me stand before the great or minister to the poor and lowly; that choice is not mine, and i would not influence it if i could.  i am Your servant to do Your will, and that will is sweeter to me than position, or riches, or fame and i choose it above all things on earth or in heaven.

Though i am chosen of You and honored by a high and holy calling, let me never forget that i am but a man of dust and ashes, a man with all the natural faults and passions that plague the race of men.  i pray You, therefore, my LORD and Redeemer, save me from myself and from all the injuries i may do myself while trying to be a blessing to others.  Fill me with Your power by the Holy SPIRIT, and i will go in Your strength and tell of Your righteousness, even Yours only.  i will spread abroad the message of redeeming love while my normal powers endure.

Then, dear LORD, when i am old and weary and too tired to go on, have a place ready for me above and make me to be numbered with Your saints in Glory everlasting.  Amen.  AMEN.

(Aiden Wilson Tozer, 1897-1963, "The Prayer of a Minor Prophet"

fully devoted follower -- share, testify Good News (in) agape love
As CHRISTians (born-again Believers in JESUS and followers of the CHRIST who has risen from the dead), we all are given the holy calling to be messengers, servants and prophets of GOD -- we all are called to serve GOD by sharing, declaring and proclaiming the Good News, the Gospel of CHRIST.  

This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.  (Matthew 24:14)

Today, to prophesy is not to foretell future events or opine "new" revelation -- for all have already been revealed through and by and in CHRIST JESUS; and GOD's infallible written Word, the SPIRIT-inspired Holy Scriptures.  A prophet today is one who preaches Biblical truths -- to make known to men the laws of GOD, to call the people back to obedience to GOD's laws; to exhort the people to sincerity in worship; to warn them of Divine judgment upon sin, both personal and national (; to proclaim to all the world JESUS' imminent Second Advent.

One who prophesies strengthens others, encourages them, and comforts them.  (1 Corinthians 14:3)

May the prayer of A.W. Tozer, a "minor prophet," be our own resolute resolution -- our very own solemn vow.  May we all present our ALL (body, heart, mind and soul; and money, time and talents) to be our intelligent and reasonable service, our spiritual act of worship.  May we all be as living sacrifices, holy and separated unto GOD, acceptable in His sight. (Romans 12:1, paraphrased)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


...between us and you a GREAT CHASM has been FIXED, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us. (Luke 16:26)
Because i was born into the RELIGION my family subscribed to, i believed that after death, my soul would first go to a place to be purged of any remaining UNconfessed, UNforgiven sin before entering Heaven. Purgatory was the biggEST LIE i was EVER taught as a child! Today many of my loved ones continue to believe in this LIE...a lie that gives empty comfort and a false sense of security. It's a demonic LIE from satan -- the Father of Lies.

Read for yourself what JESUS taught about death, about where a person's soul goes after he (or she) sheds the physical body, about the realities of Heaven AND Hell.  In the Book of Luke is a parable about a rich man and a beggar named Lazarus. (Luke 16:19-31) Would JESUS, the greatest and holiest TEACHER who ever lived -- teach a LIE?
Both the rich man and the beggar died.  Lazarus is in the bosom of Abraham -- in Heaven -- being comforted; the rich man is in HELL, already in torment. (v 23) The rich man is not in Purgatory -- a condition of purification or temporary punishment by which those who die are believed to be made ready for Heaven. As is written in the Holy Scriptures, that rich man went immediately to HELL, not to a separate compartment in HELL. The rich man went to HELL, separated from GOD -- separated from all the goodness and the loving presence of GOD...forEVER.

Believing in a Purgatory means believing that prayers (from those still alive on earth) is a means to influence GOD to remove a soul from Hell (or to at least shorten the period of painful purification) and to gain his entrance into Heaven. That prayers to Mary, the mother of the SON of GOD, can do it. That prayers to the apostle Paul, or the archangel Michael, or saint James -- JESUS' earthly brother -- can do it. That those saints already in Heaven can ask Almighty GOD for a soul to be removed from Hell because of their "highly privileged proximity" to JESUS (mother, brother, apostle, saint, angel).

If Mary or the saints or the living sinners on earth can pray a dead man's soul out of Hell into Heaven -- why did GOD the Father send GOD His Son to be excruciatingly tortured on the cross? Wasn't JESUS' SACRIFICE enough? Wasn't His Precious BLOOD enough? Wasn't GOD's Plan enough

For the sake of argument, let's say that there really is a "Purgatory." Would anyone still risk not being SAVED -- being tormented for however long it might take to be completely PURGED of SIN -- to be totally cleansed from so-called Venial Sins -- those UNforgiven "forgivable" sins? And Purgatory is still IN HELL; therefore, it would still be HELLish. It would still be without the Presence of GOD -- without Light, without Peace, without LOVE. Purgatory would still be an utterly HELLish place IN HELL.
And what if those you've trusted to pray you into Heaven stopped praying for you? After the 40th or 100th day of mandatory prayer, can you trust them to continue praying for you?  What if those loyal friends all died before you got prayed into Heaven...and there's no one left to pray for you, and you are still in Purgatory, and you are still not purged clean of all your sins... what then? Who will then ask Mary to ask her SON JESUS to speak to GOD The FATHER?

Do you really believe that Mary herself is that instrument of GOD, endued with the SUPERnatural power to intercede like an advocate (lawyer) to pray a soul OUT of Hell? Isn't THE ADVOCATE, Whom GOD The FATHER had ALREADY sent -- JESUS -- GOD the SON? Isn't CHRIST GOD's Instrument of PEACE, for He is the very Prince of PEACE?

Do you really believe that Mary likes being made much of more than her Beloved SON, Who is her GOD, Who is her Savior? Do you really believe that Mary feels honored when you pray to her instead of directly praying to GOD The FATHER through JESUS, Who is Himself GOD, Whom the Holy Scriptures calls our HIGH PRIEST? Do you really believe that Mary enjoys your adoration that makes her EQUAL (or more) in your affections towards her GOD, her MESSIAH JESUS?

IF you DO believe in a Purgatory (which is nowhere to be found in the HOLY Bible) where your soul will be purged of any remaining SIN -- then it must follow that you ALSO believe that JESUS' TOTALLY sinless Life and FULLY completed Work on The CROSS was NOT ENOUGH... that His BLOOD poured out for us sinners was NOT ENOUGH... that JESUS being nailed on the CROSS was NOT ENOUGH -- that JESUS, Who IS The SON of GOD HIMself, IS not powerFUL ENOUGH... IS just not ENOUGH to SAVE sinners from going to HELL. This (UN)belief says: JESUS + Purgatory = ENOUGH!

Purgatory is a does NOT exist in word or principle or parable in the Holy Scriptures. GOD's WORD says there's NO such thing AND there's NO such place.

NO where is it written in the Holy Scriptures about a special department, a separate "holding tank," for those waiting to be purged, cleansed, purified of their sins. Only IN CHRIST -- through HIS BLOOD, through HIS CROSS, through HIS DEATH -- can we be ALL-together lovely...purged, cleansed, purified of all SIN.
Heaven is SIN-free. INcredibly, INcomprehensively without sin of any kind. FREE of ALL sin -- Hallelujah! Do you truly believe that you can pass through Heaven's gates with even an ATOM of pollution STILL clinging to your soul? Heaven is where GOD dwells in UNnapproachable LIGHT -- do you think you can approach His Throne with even the slightest shadow of SIN STILL darkening your soul?

When you meet GOD, will you say to Him, "Your SON's BLOOD was NOT ENOUGH!"?

Through His WORD, GOD has already said, continues to declare, and will forever proclaim -- "MESSIAH JESUS is exceedingly abundantly infinitely sufficient!"

Be "purged" totally, completely and eternally -- forever and forevermore -- this very moment! TURN to JESUS, the CHRIST, the SAVIOR of ALL sinners who would receive Him as their Risen LORD. ASK to be forgiven. REPENT of your SINS -- commit to turn away from them.  CONFESS to GOD -- sincerely agree with Him that you are a sinner, deserving only HELL after physical death on earth. TRUST IN Him ALONE. Receive His FORGIVENESS.  Receive HIS PERFECT  RIGHTEOUSNESS. Receive your new Citizenship in Heaven. Receive the SUPERnatural indwelling of the Holy SPIRIT of GOD. Receive your Adoption into GOD's Family.  Receive your right as a child of GOD to enter into Paradise -- into the Kingdom of your Almighty FATHER in Heaven!
Receive this VERY moment, THE most valuable, most precious, most NECESSARY Gift you and i will ever receive, and never ever will ever deserve -- the utterly amaZZZing grace of GOD -- the wonderFUL, AWEsome, fanTAStic, UNbelievable, INcredible, breathtakingly lovely and glorious, and infinitely worthy... LORD JESUS Himself!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The CHRISTmas season is that time of year of greatest hustle and bustle when Believers -- professing followers of CHRIST JESUS -- are tempted to “fall asleep” (to be so caught up with buying gifts, decorating trees, putting up lights, shopping for holiday delicacies, practicing for church pageantries, entertaining visitors) -- so as to dash around so busily with all this stuff that we won’t (will not, for it is our choice whether to will to do, or to will not to do) even spend one hour with JESUS.
Some of us will say, “But I do make time to be in intimate fellowship with GOD! I give Him 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there, 15 more between this and that…and I plan to pray another 10 minutes at midnight before I fall asleep.”

JESUS, Son of Man, during His incalculable agonizing hour in Gethsemane, told His followers (His actual disciples) to watch and pray with Him.  He didn’t ask much…just for their prayers and emotional support as He wrestled deep within His soul -- His soul that was exceedingly sorrowFUL, even unto death…the worst emotional and mental anguish that any human has ever experienced.

JESUS found His followers asleep.  “WHAT! Could you not watch with Me one hour?”

Watch and pray that we do not enter into the temptation of texting and Tweeting and facebook-ing for hours, of worrying and sorrowing and coveting those toys we can’t afford to buy, of making the celebration of CHRISTmas be our god, rather than worshiping JESUS as The GOD that He is by honoring Him with our time -- time that is His gift to us by His gracious will anyway.
JESUS was prayed up -- thoroughly prepared and supernaturally strengthened for what He knew was about to happen.  Our heavenly Father did answer His fervent prayer. He was delivered from that which He feared, which was, lest by impatience and distrust He should offend His Father, and so disable Himself to go on with His undertaking. (Hebrews 5:7) GOD provided that He should not fail or be discouraged. (Luke 22:43).  This excerpt is from Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible.
JESUS’ disciples fell asleep, for the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.  They were not prayed up -- they did not even pray, The LORD deliver me from this sleepy devil!

So when that time came (as our time will also come) of great trial and overwhelming upheaval, all the disciples of JESUS scattered…lost in their fears, depression, sorrows.  They did not watch and pray even that one hour.

JESUS is the very Reason for this season, and the only Reason for our very brief season here on earth.  So isn’t it Reason-able that we watch and pray with Him in that ALLways season-able one hour?
This CHRISTmas, let us not fall asleep, but daily watch and pray for one hour -- one wholesome hour of sweet intimacy, delicious enlightenment and delightFUL fellowship with CHRIST JESUS -- our Kingour LORD!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

$10 Million WINNER! A WHAT IF...

Because of the $500-plus million lotto jackpot frenzy, Kathy Garzon and i got into a discussion:

My initial response was that i would donate towards the Second-Step Home ministry of taking in homeless men, women and children; of helping to provide a safe haven for them as they get back up on their own feet. i would give to a CHRIST-centered ministry where the loving ways of GOD are the rule, not the exception.

Kathy’s question stayed on my mind…even this thought – Being a follower of CHRIST, would i even buy a ticket for this megabucks lotto?

i entertained the thought – this temptation to gamble, of grasping at straws. i thought that i would buy just one, if it were a California lotto. Sin was knocking at the door!

But i did NOT buy even one.

But WHAT IF by GOD’s miraculous provision, i was granted $10 million? Here is my heart’s desire…

1) Tithe off the gross amount for CHRISTian Fellowship Church, then pay all necessary taxes.
2) Keep $100,000 for personal use.

3) Give $1 million to Second-Step Home, or a like ministry for the homeless.
4) Give to an organization which helps rebuild the lives of children who have been rescued from the sex slavery/ trade or who have been forced to become child-soldiers in war-torn countries.
5) Give to Gospel for Asia, K. P. Yohannan’s ministry in India.
6) Give to Voice of the Martyrs to help persecuted CHRISTians worldwide.

7) Give to CHRISTian church planters who build in Third-world countries.

8) Plant a nondenominational CHRISTian church in Matei (Taveuni, Fiji). 
9) Build wells to provide clean drinking water in impoverished communities.

10) Give sewing machines to women to earn legitimate income. 

Give 20% to Ocean View Church for overseas missions;
Assembly of GOD in Matei (Taveuni, Fiji), to build a proper kitchen for Radini Selina and to complete Pastor Pauliasi's church building; and Impacting Asia missions in the Philippines.

And IF ever i receive by GOD’s miraculous and gracious providence any lesser or greater amount, i hold firm and steadfast in this Way of sharing GOD’s material and spiritual riches, for i have purposed in my heart to serve CHRIST JESUS, Who is my precious Utmost ALL in all.

“No one can be a slave of two masters, since either he will hate one and love the other, or be devoted tone and despise the other. You cannot be slaves of GOD and of money.” (Matthew 6:24, HCSB)

SO THERE! This blog-note is the written witness to that WHAT IF!

Please donate. ALL donations will benefit the Naselesele Village school children in Taveuni, Fiji. VINAKA VAKA LEVU! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

PERSONAL Testimony - Pruning For My GOOD

I Chronicles 16: 8 -- Oh, GIVE THANKS to The LORD!  Call upon His Name; make known His deeds among the peoples!

THANK YOU, Most Precious FATHER – Awesome Sovereign GOD that You are, LORD of my body, heart and soul!  VINAKA VAKA LEVU, TURAGA.  JISU SA RAUTI au!  MUCHAS GRACIAS, mi DIOS Todo Poderoso – El PASTOR de todos que Refugiarse.  MARAMING SALAMAT na aking DIOS!  Ikaw ang aking talagang Buhay!


THANK YOU for causing me to love paradisiacal islands and for providing Taveuni as the tropical garden for my pruning; for gifting me with a loving Fijian family through my farmer-husband, Your providential catalyst for change and growth in me.

THANK YOU for ALL You’ve already done and continue to do in Maia’s Life – for providing her LIFE-SAVING medicine, a job that employs the half-blind, our healed mother-daughter relationship, and best of all -- her SAVING FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS, our INfinitely Precious Savior, our AWEsome LORD!

THANK YOU, O Holy SPIRIT, for not leaving me to continue in my SINs so as to flounder helplessly without direction or purpose.  THANK YOU, FATHER, for Your SON, whom You GAVE to us SO freely and who DIED for us SO awfully so that we may have LIFE SO awesomely!

I Chronicles 16:9 – Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him; talk of ALL His wondrous works!

SHOUT i to The LORD a JOYful hymn of PRAISE –
To The HOLY One Whom GOD The SPIRIT did RAISE!
Declaring HIM to be my Strength, my Strong Tower –
In Whom i cling to for SUPERnatural POWER!

So on bended knees i bow to JESUS, my LORD and Friend –
HE is my Faithful Shepherd, so His WORD do i defend.
HE bought me with His BLOOD, SO Precious and SO Dear –
Neither fears nor doubts have i – JESUS, The CHRIST, IS HERE!

I Chronicles 16:10 --  Glory in His HOLY Name!  Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek The LORD!

GOD is HOLY, and i glory and exult in HIS holiness.  i rest secure that He will not allow any INjustice, large or small, to go UNpunished.  Yet paradoxically, HE WILL PARDON REPENTANT SINNERs like me who TURN to CHRIST for FORGIVENESS.  i am SO grateful that because GOD is my FATHER, He will NOT allow any UNungodliness INin me to remain UNunchecked.  He WILL continue to wash me clean with His WORD.  Of this REALITY, i am confident!  HALLELUJAH!              

FatherGOD knows me SO intimately, even of my delight for mangoes. In His Providence, He caused a sweet mango to fall directly in my path at the exact moment He knew i would be there.  He knew how it would lift up my downcast spirit, so heavy was my heart.  How i rejoice at His timely gifts!  How grateful i am for His tender loving kindnesses.

How perfectly GOD’s Providence sustains me – causing me to delight IN Him even more.  He provided Matthew Henry’s Commentary On The Whole Bible the week i returned to San Diego – leading me to search His Word with renewed enthusiasm, as i pored over pages of very small print, praying that SPIRIT will fatten my soul with such nourishing Bread.  YES, i want to get very fat in my soul! 

How grateFUL and amazed i am at His wondrous acts – the miracles wrought withIN that no one can discern with the naked eye.  In the day-to-day busyness of village-life, marital ups and downs, and clashing cultures and personalities – at times i was like a thorny cactus, thirsting for the Living Water – causing discomfiture to those around me, including myself!

Bitter Melon -- Ampalaya

Yet what was gripping my heart – UNforgiveness and BITTERNESS – has vanished.  GOD -- the indwelling Holy SPIRIT -- has somehow vanquished these INternal enemies that have plagued me for SO long!  PRAISES be to GOD – the GREAT Physician – who has healed me of these deadly maladies of the heart and soul.
I Chronicles 16:11 – SEEK The LORD and His strength; SEEK His Face forEVERmore!

Because i NEED GOD’s Grace for EVERY moment He allows me to live, because i NEED His SUPERnatural POWER to continually help me overcome my weaknesses, and simply, because i LOVE Him – i SEEK His Face IN CHRIST, through His WORD, through prayer, through glad obedience to His PERFECT will.

Oh LORD, Your command is that i be CONFORMED to the likeness of Your SON, and You promised to provide ALL that i NEED so that at ALL times i may abound in EVERY good work to the GLORY of Your Name – therefore, Almighty Heavenly FATHER…

Command what You will –
Grant what You command. 

LORD JESUS, the Altogether Lovely ONE – it matters not WHAT You do with my life; it matters only WHO You are!

Friday, July 20, 2012

WWJD - GOD's Hand In Taveuni, FIJI

When “my” 11-year old Beni died—that tragic death in Naselesele Village—i asked Pastor Boschen of Ocean View Church (San Diego, California) to send 150 WWJD (What Would JESUS Do) wristbands to help the kids at the Village make wise decisions by following JESUS’ example.
This is how GOD orchestrated all things so that He might show Himself all-powerful, all-wise, ALLways loving—for He is our all-compassionate Father in Heaven, our utterly amazing and incredibly awesome GOD Who answers prayers.

After more than a month of waiting, the wristbands arrived at the Waiyevo post office, with $F136 extra fees!  i was crestfallen.  i didn’t have that kind of extra money to spend.  Literally in tears, i begged the postal clerks to release my package…even pleading, “Keep the box, just let me have the contents.” (Duh!) They had no authority to release the package or waive the fees—the Suva authorities held that power.

i left the post office empty handed, heavy hearted, face crumpled up with tears.  But just around the corner, inside Tila Madden’s post box was a brown envelope—with 55 of the WWJD bands!  HALLELUIAH! Instant joy caused my heart to dance, and my grateful spirit praised GOD for His timely grace and mercy. \o/

Some of the 55 WWJD bands, i gave to the Bucalevu Secondary students (belonging to the SUIS CHRISTian Fellowship, led by Chaplain Paulini) to wear for the Thursday “Learning Substance Abuse Through Technology” presentation of my WWJD poem…that same program where i was privileged to share my daughter Maia’s testimony of drug abuse and victory over her addictions – empowered by the indwelling SPIRIT of GOD.  i shared that when Maia committed her life to GOD through CHRIST JESUS, He gave her the SPIRIT’s supernatural strength to overcome her destructive habit.  All praise and honor to GOD—today, Maia is three years drug-free and also no longer enslaved to alcohol or cigarettes.  HALLELUIAH! \o/
But the other 95 bands were still at the post office.  GOD put in my mind to contact Police Commissioner Naivalurua (in Suva), one of Naselesele’s homegrown.  At the Matei police post, i got his phone number, along with the Police Chaplain’s.  They heard my WWJD story, and i asked for their help -- “kerekere” – because of Beni, for Naselesele kids’ sake.  i was referred to the Waiyevo police for assistance.

The next morning, because police officers Mosese nor Bale could not accompany me to the post office, GOD gave me officer Save (who is my brother-in-CHRIST, who also goes to the Assembly of GOD church in Matei) to help me at the post office. \o/

But even with Save there as Naivalurua’s agent, the package could not be released without authorization from the “big boss” in Suva, Pita Raiqeu.  i needed to call him, and that very same morning, Vodafone gave me $F5 free money in my account. \o/ We talked…i pleaded for the WWJD bands, because of Beni, and for the kids’ sake.
Pita, in his handicraft shop -- my brother in CHRIST
Raiqeu requested e-mail confirmation of my story...and right next door to the post office, which i hadn't noticed before, was a one-computer internet cafe ($3/hour) with praise music played, run by Pita who owns the commodities store and attached gift shop -- also my brother-in-CHRIST! \o/  Here, i posted on Facebook for prayers that GOD will soften Raiqeu's heart.

Even with the e-mailed story…no go…blocked.  But GOD kept working…

Back at the police station…up that long hill—again—i thanked Save for his help and told Him it was all in GOD’s hands.  Save suggested the District Office—the DO himself, another “big boss” in Taveuni.  Great idea—vakasama vinaka!  \o/

No DO—the “big boss” was still on the Taveuni-bound boat, returning from Suva.  But acting DO Tema (and radini) was there in his stead.  She is my brother-in-law’s pastor’s wife – my sister-in-CHRIST! \o/  She called Raiqeu in Suva, faxed the paper with the $F136 fee info…and Raiqeu promised that Robin (Suva office) who was handling my case will release the package the next morning—with the $F136 fee waived.  HALLELUIAH! \o/
So again, taking the 7 a.m. bus from Matei, i went to the post office and called Raiqeu to remind him of his promise.  At 9 a.m., Robin faxed the release to the Waiyevo office—and with a smile a mile wide—i gratefully received my precious 95 WWJD wristbands.   “GOD is good!” was heard from me throughout the whole day.

i shared this fantastic work of GOD to the SUIS Fellowship at Bucalevu, gave them more of the wristbands, telling them that these are from GOD Himself—very special—and recited the WWJD poem again, to remind them if they follow and act upon JESUS’ example, they will make wise decisions.
SUIS CHRISTian Fellowship
at Bucalevu Secondary School
Police Officers, Waiyevo
Health Inspector, center
Radini Tema, acting D.O.

What would JESUS do?
Never you mind what others would –
Filo, Petero, or even Manu.

To always choose wisely,
All you need to do –
Is to follow CHRIST JESUS closely.

Would JESUS, on drugs, get high?
No!  Rather He would fly
A kite higher than the sky.

Would JESUS smoke tobacco or weed?
No, never!  Rather He would help
All those in trouble and in need.

Would JESUS get drunk and brawl?
No, never ever!  Rather He would give
His surpassing peace and everlasting joy to y’all.

WHAT would JESUS do?
Whatever is good and heavenly –
THAT only, He would do.

What would you do?
So that your choice –
Later, you would not rue?

THINK! before you HNHdecide,
May your choice be lovely –
And, In CHRIST, abide.
Choose CHRIST.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Naselesele Village Primary School's theme for Blue Ribbon Week -- Fiji's Fight Against Drugs and Child Abuse is:  KEEP Me SAFE From ABUSE To SHINE = The BEST!

To shine the best – one must not conform or compromise to the world’s satanic standards, which are anti-CHRIST – against the infallible wisdom of CHRIST JESUS, the Son of our FatherGOD.
To keep our children safe from abuse – saturate the home with godliness, enriching their minds with GOD’s Word and exemplifying in our daily lives the utterly powerful meekness and humility of CHRIST.

Teach our children to imitate JESUS, for He is the BEST example of self-emptying obedience, almighty gentleness, supernatural wisdom, incomprehensible love, holy righteousness.

If you would have your children truly succeed – not so much according to the world’s self-glorifying measure of success, but true success in GOD’s eyes – then teach them of the Person of CHRIST, for who else is the superlative Teacher in all the world, for all time?
JESUS is THE ANSWER to ALL problems!
Who, but JESUS only, pleases FatherGOD in all ways, always?  Who but JESUS shines the brightest Light, far eclipsing the blinding sun?  Who but JESUS demonstrated the most tender and most generous outpouring of sacrificial love?  Who but JESUS – sinless and blameless – can teach our children true wisdom to win the fight against drugs and child abuse?

Only JESUS, the Master Teacher, Who personifies incomparable infinite Intelligence, Who knows the all in all – only CHRIST JESUS can empower our children to shine their personal best!

As written in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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Friday, June 1, 2012

BENI -- Naselesele TRAGIC Casualty

When i first met Beni, he was only four years old. He was holding 3-year old Miriama’s hand to help her down G’ma Tuvi’s steps. i knew then that he was a kind-hearted child – a gentle man in the making.
At 11 years old, Beni killed himself.

What happened to the child with whom i fell in love? What happened in those seven years? How could a rosary-wearying, church-attending, family-surrounded child come to such a desperate state as to see no way out but to take himself out… WAY OUT – the way out of life… the way out to death.

Beni gave clues of his downward spiral, even to me. When sitting at the treehouse in the village, i asked him to write the numbers 1 – 100. He made mistakes… i thought he was just being careless. When i was the “banker” for the children’s money and Beni decided to also put his monies in aunty Merlin’s bank, i noticed that he had so much more money than the other four kids living in the household, so much that in one week, he had surpassed their combined total. i was told that the money came from selling beer bottles. i didn’t question again how he was able to bank so much money.

Beni hinted about his inner turmoil. He drew macabre pictures of coffins and bloody daggers stabbing bodiless heads. He scribbled in his notebooks incessantly instead of doing schoolwork.

In the village, i was told, there are no real orphans, for there is always a g’ma or aunty or uncle to take care of any child whose natural mother has left him or whose father is too busy doing his own thing. Everyone in the village is that child’s substitute mom or dad, for all are related to that child in one way or another. Everyone in the village was Beni’s family… no WAY was he an orphan. He was well cared for as he lived from one relative’s house to another.

Then why did Beni not go to someone – ANY one – for help, to get him out of his predicament? Why did he not go to GOD – his very present help in times of trouble – why did he believe that no one, not even GOD, could help him?

How did he learn to do those things which got him into trouble in school… those actions that he knew were bad, which would lead to severe punishment? Who showed him or told him that “it is easy to die”?

Beni’s tragic death tested and strengthened my faith in our utterly compassionate and all-mighty GOD. i wondered how GOD will cause all things – even Beni’s death -- to work together for good to those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose. But as in Jazmyn’s seemingly untimely death, i trust in an all-wise GOD, who is in total control of all things and all circumstances, who gives and takes away according to His sovereign will, whose will is perfect and good all the time – though we, mere human beings, may not like or understand His ways.

Even in Beni’s death, i continue to trust in GOD’s perfect love and perfect wisdom in allowing this tragedy. As Oswald Chambers aptly wrote: It matters not WHAT GOD does – it matters only WHO GOD is!

Please donate. ALL donations will benefit the Naselesele Village school children in Taveuni, Fiji. VINAKA VAKA LEVU!