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WHAT IS A CHRISTian? A CHRISTian is a NEW creation of GOD who has RECEIVED of CHRIST and of His FULLNESS, as imparted by the INdwelling Holy SPIRIT. For IT IS WRITTEN (John 1:16), 'For out of His FULLNESS' (the SUPERabundance of HIS Grace and Truth) -- 'we have ALL RECEIVED Grace upon Grace' -- SPIRITual BLESSING upon SPIRITual BLESSING, Favor upon Favor, Gift HEAPED upon Gift, AMAZING Grace upon AMAZING Grace!

WHAT IS A CHRISTian? A CHRISTian is a Child of GOD who is 'BORN AGAIN, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but Of GOD.' For IT IS WRITTEN (1 Corinthians 1:30), 'It is from GOD that you have your Life IN CHRIST JESUS, Whom GOD made our WISDOM from GOD, (revealed to us a knowledge of the Divine Plan of SALVATION previously hidden, manifesting itself as) our RIGHTEOUSNESS (thus making us UPright and putting us in Right Standing with GOD), and our SANCTIFICATION (making us Pure and Holy), and our (complete and full) REDEMPTION' -- our GLORIFICATION -- the entire, perfect, complete Deliverance (from the corruption and pollution of SIN) in our spirit, soul and body.

WHAT IS A CHRISTian? A CHRISTian is UNITED With CHRIST, whose ETERNAL Citizenship is in Heaven, whose UNION With CHRIST guarantees personal GLORIFICATION -- the ULTIMATE Goal of REDEMPTION. For IT IS WRITTEN (Romans 8:30), 'Those whom GOD thus foreordained, He also called; and those whom He called, He also justified (acquitted, made righteous, putting them into right standing with Himself). And those whom He justified, He also GLORIFIED (raising them to a HEAVENLY dignity and condition or state of BEing).' 

WHAT IS GLORIFICATION? It is the End, the Terminus, the FINAL Object of REDEMPTION. GLORIFICATION is CHRIST presenting to Himself, after being made ENTIRELY 'Holy and Clean, washed by the cleansing of GOD’s Word' -- a 'GLORIOUS Church (corporately and individually) without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Instead, she will be HOLY and WITHOUT FAULT -- in GLORIOUS splendor!' (see Ephesians 5:26-27) 

GLORIFICATION is the FULFILLment of the Word of GOD (1 Thessalonians 5:23) -- 'May The GOD of Peace Himself SANCTIFY you through and through (separate you from profane things, make you PURE and wholly CONSECRATED to GOD); and may your SPIRIT and SOUL and BODY be preserved sound and COMPLETE (and found) BLAMELESS at the coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.'

GLORIFICATION is the mortal made IMmortal at last. The Promise of GOD made REALITY (1 Corinthians 15:53-54) -- 'This PERISHABLE (part of us) must put on the IMPERISHABLE (nature), and this MORTAL (part of us, this nature that is capable of dying) must put on IMMORTALITY (freedom from death). And when this PERISHABLE puts on the IMPERISHABLE and this that was capable of dying puts on FREEDOM from DEATH, then shall be FULFILLED the Scripture that says, DEATH is swallowed up (utterly vanquished forEVER) in and unto VICTORY.'

GLORIFICATION is when The LORD JESUS CHRIST comes again to 'TRANSFORM and fashion aNEW the BODY of our humiliation to CONFORM to and be like the BODY of HIS Glory and Majesty, by exerting that POWER which enables Him even to subject EVERYthing to Himself.' (Philippians 3:21) 'We know that when He comes and is manifested, we shall (as GOD’s Children) RESEMBLE and BE like HIM, for we shall SEE Him just as He (REALLY) IS.' (1 John 3:2)

GLORIFICATION is the Promise of GOD to those IN CHRIST -- those who have put their FAITH in His SON, in His PERFECT Plan of Salvation (CHRIST JESUS' virgin Birth, perfect Life, atoning Death, historical Resurrection and Ascension). GLORIFICATION is the FULL restoration of man's spirit, soul and body to its Original PERFECTION. The whole BEing of man (spirit, soul and body) will be FREE from EVERY taint and EVERY weakness.

IT IS WRITTEN (1 John 3:8), 'The reason The SON of GOD appeared was to DESTROY the WORKS of the devil.' And when The LORD JESUS said on The CROSS, "IT IS FINISHED!" -- ALL that was required by a thrice-Holy GOD as the Redemption Price for our SINs was PAID IN FULL by the BLOOD of CHRIST. And those IN CHRIST have received of CHRIST Himself and of His FULLness by the SUPERnatural working and willing of the Holy SPIRIT, sent of The FATHER and of The SON -- so that IN CHRIST, by GOD's ALL-Mighty GRACE, we are gifted His Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification... GLORIFICATION! A Sinner who has put his/her Faith IN CHRIST alone (TRUSTing in the perfect work of The GOD/Man for complete REDEMPTION) is destined for Eternal GLORIFICATION! HalleluJAH! \o/

Dear reader -- may The SPIRIT of GOD open your Mind and Heart to The TRUTH Himself, The LORD JESUS -- Who will bring you personally to The Giving FATHER, Who will receive you to Himself as His very own child because you have put your TRUST in His SON's atoning DEATH on The CROSS as FULL payment for your SINS. Turn from your SINS with sincere sorrow at rebelling against The ONE Who gave you Life -- and turn to GOD for FULL pardon of ALL your SINS. Then receive of CHRIST and of His FULLness, as imparted to you by The Holy SPIRIT Who will live IN you to grow the LIFE of CHRIST IN you. Commit your Life to GOD's care, align your will to His will by KNOWing Him through His Word by diligent study and meditation -- then enJOY The LORD SPIRIT's sweet Presence as He conforms your inner BEing into the lovely Image of CHRIST JESUS our LORD. HalleluJAH! \o/

(Notes from Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones' exposition on John 1:16, "GLORIFICATION" (

Friday, June 29, 2018

The LOVE Of CHRIST Compels Me - rLn's Testimony

CHRIST's LOVE COMPELS me to GLORY (to boast) ONLY in The CROSS of my Beloved LORD JESUS -- in His BLOOD, in His DEATH. CHRIST's LOVE MAKES me to LIVE this fleeting Life-101 for HIS Glory -- the GLORY of GOD's Name. CHRIST's LOVE CONSTRAINS me to PROclaim with holy boldness the GOOD News of SALVATION -- the FORGIVEness of SINs; the SUPERabounding POWER of The Holy SPIRIT of GOD for a LIFE of progressive SANCTIFICATION (the GOD-given SUPERnatural Unction to DENY my SELF, to HATE my PRIDE, to MORTIFY the lusts of my FLESH, to RESIST that DEVIL satan, to TURN from my SINs and the EMPTY pleasures of this world); and the SURE Hope of COMPLETE and TOTAL Redemption, including my own personal bodily RESURRECTION as promised by GOD my Heavenly FATHER to those who BELIEVE INto His ONLY Begotten SON; guaranteed by The LORD CHRIST JESUS Himself through His PERFECT Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension; and made REALITY by the ALL-Mighty LORD SPIRIT Himself Who NOW resides IN my quickened spirit. (see -- "GLORYing ONLY In The CROSS" by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

Because of The CROSS of CHRIST -- GOD by His GRACE (UNdeserved Favor, UNdeserved Mercy, UNdeserved Pardon) -- granted me REPENTANCE (a CHANGE of mind and heart, a 180-degree TURNing FROM my SINs and TURNing TO GOD for the FORGIVENESS of my SINs) and the FAITH to TRUST (fully rely alone) in CHRIST's fully completed, fully satisfactory work of REDEMPTION. i was purchased from the SLAVERY of SIN, SELF, satan, and the world with the PRICELESS BLOOD of the GOD-Man CHRIST JESUS. His own DEATH gave me LIFE Eternal. (see -- "A CHANGED DISPOSITION" by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

Because of The CROSS of CHRIST -- GOD made me a NEW creation. i who was DEAD in my trespasses and SINs -- a spiritually DEAD soul, expressing "life" in my body -- was quickened, made SPIRITually ALIVE in my spirit by The SPIRIT of the Risen LORD JESUS. Today i can say in FULL confidence that i am NO LONGER that Old Adamic ME-rl-I-n, whose vain-glorious life revolved around SELF -- the "ME, mySELF, and I" SELF-centered trinity. Today i can say that i am a masterpiece of GOD -- HIS handiwork IN PROGRESS. Today i can say that ALL-Mighty GOD IN CHRIST by The ALL-Mighty Holy SPIRIT has caused (and continues) to make Romans 8:28 my REALITY so that Romans 8:29 might be fulfilled in this NEW creation nicknamed "rLn" -- really LOVE now... for tomorrow is NOT guaranteed.

'My Old SELF HAS BEEN CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST. It is NO LONGER i who live, but CHRIST LIVES IN me. SO i LIVE in this EARTHLY body BY TRUSTing IN The SON of GOD, Who LOVED me and GAVE Himself FOR me.' (Galatians 2:20). 'ANYone who BELONGS to CHRIST HAS become a NEW person. The OLD life IS GONE; a NEW life HAS begun!' (2 Corinthians 5:17) 'For you have been BORN aNEW, not of perishable seed but of IMperishable Seed -- BORN AGAIN, but not to a life that will quickly end. Your NEW LIFE will last forEVER because it comes from the ETERNAL, LIVING Word of GOD.' (1 Peter 1:23)
(see -- "A NEW LIFE" by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

i KNOW that GOD causes ALL things (the GOOD, the BAD, the LOVELY, the UGLY -- the ALL of WHATever that GOD allows in my Life-101) to work together for my GOOD because i LOVE GOD my FATHER, GOD The SON my LORD and Savior, GOD The SPIRIT my Helper and Comforter -- because i have been called according to GOD's Purpose. Because GOD put me IN CHRIST -- united me WITH CHRIST -- i 'KNOW that in ALL things GOD works for the GOOD of those who LOVE Him, who have been CALLED according to HIS Purpose. For those GOD FOREKNEW He also PREDESTINED to be CONFORMED to the Image of HIS SON, that CHRIST might be the Firstborn among MANY brothers and sisters.' (Romans 8:28-29)
(see, "GOD Works IN You To WILL and to DO" by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

'From CHRIST's FULLNESS (ABUNDANCE) i have received, GRACE upon GRACE (one gracious BLESSING after another).' (John 1:16) GOD's LOVE is INfinitely, IMmeasurably Wide, Long, High, Deep! Though not yet completely, i do EXPERIENCE 'the LOVE Of CHRIST that surpasses knowledge (for it is TOO great to understand fully), that IN CHRIST i am filled with ALL the FULLNESS Of GOD (His LIFE and POWER).' (Ephesians 3:18-19) 'For IN CHRIST lives ALL the FULLNESS Of GOD in a human body.' (Colossians 2:9) 'And BECAUSE of GOD i am IN CHRIST JESUS, Who became for me WISDOM from GOD, RIGHTEOUSNESS and SANCTIFICATION and REDEMPTION.' (1 Corinthians 1:30)
(see, "CHRIST, Our SANCTIFICATION" by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

Today -- 'CHRIST’s LOVE CONTROLS (compels, constrains, MAKES) me. SINCE i believe that CHRIST DIED for me, i also believe that i HAVE ALREADY DIED to my OLD life. CHRIST DIED for EVERYone (those who WERE once IN Adam and spiritually DEAD IN SIN, but who are NOW IN CHRIST and SPIRITually ALIVE to GOD) SO THAT those who receive His NEW LIFE will NO LONGER LIVE FOR THEMSELVES. Instead, THEY WILL LIVE FOR CHRIST, Who DIED and was RAISED FOR them.' (2 Corinthians 5:14-15)
(see, "For CHRIST's LOVE Compels Us" by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

As for me -- rLn -- 'TO LIVE IS CHRIST... TO DIE IS GAIN' (Philippians 1:21) -- for to be with CHRIST is a GAZILLION-ZILLION times BETTER! ((Personal Testimony for my MEMORIAL -- "rLn's Last EXPRESSION, Her Last GAZILLION Words" --see

Friday, June 15, 2018

The CROSS of CHRIST Speaks


The CROSS of CHRIST speaks -- it preaches. It's an EXPOSITION of The TRUTH of GOD. The BLOOD of The CROSS speaks -- NOT like the blood of Abel (who was murdered by his brother Cain) that cried out for Vengeance, but the BLOOD of CHRIST speaks of better things -- of FORGIVENESS, of RECONCILIATION with GOD.

The CROSS of CHRIST speaks -- that to be a man is a VERY important and a VERY serious thing. That the IMperishable, IMmortal SOUL of man is so VERY precious indeed to GOD -- SO utterly PRECIOUS that GOD IN CHRIST came down from His Majestic GLORY on High to RECONCILE man to Himself. GOD The SON left His Kingdom in Heaven to SEEK and to SAVE that which was LOST -- man's SOUL.

The CROSS of CHRIST speaks -- that man's relationship with his fellow man will NEVER be right unless his relationship to GOD is put right FIRST. Over and above EVERYthing else -- of ULTIMATE importance is a RIGHT relationship with GOD. This RIGHT relationship with GOD is ONLY through CHRIST JESUS Whom GOD has SET FORTH as PROPITIATION (appeasement) through FAITH in JESUS' atoning BLOOD.

The CROSS of CHRIST speaks -- that SIN, in essence is REBELLION against GOD, the breaking of relationship with GOD. SIN is man defying GOD -- breaking GOD's HOLY Law. It is man setting himSELF up, standing up to GOD, and defying GOD -- setting himSELF up as a god.

The CROSS of CHRIST speaks -- that there IS a JUDGMENT upon SIN, and that SIN MUST be PUNISHED. Because GOD is WHO and WHAT He IS -- HOLY, RIGHTEOUS and JUST -- He HATES, abominates SIN. His WRATH is upon SIN.

The CROSS of CHRIST speaks -- it is a truthful PROCLAMATION of the HOLINESS of GOD, the heinousness of SIN, the terrible problem of SIN, the terrible seriousness of man's REBELLION against GOD. It PROCLAIMS that the ONLY way for a HOLY and JUST GOD to FORGIVE SIN was to PUNISH SIN -- in and through His Only Begotten SON. CHRIST JESUS was 'stricken, smitten of GOD' upon The CROSS for man's SIN, yours and mine. The GOD-Man was the ONLY One good enough to be that PERFECT Sacrifice to pay IN FULL our SIN debt. CHRIST JESUS  -- perfect in EVERY way, sinless and blameless, was a fit ATONEMENT for ALL of man's SINs.

The CROSS of CHRIST speaks -- it is a Mighty DECLARATION that GOD has solved the VERY great problem of man's SIN. The CROSS, the BLOOD of The LAMB JESUS CHRIST is GOD's ANSWER to the SIN Problem. GOD Who is HOLY, RIGHTEOUS and JUST poured out His WRATH upon the SINs of man IN the body of His OWN SON. He struck HIM. He smote HIM. He CONDEMNED His OWN SON to DEATH on The CROSS. 

The CROSS of CHRIST speaks -- that the GOD-Man CHRIST JESUS was SET FORTH as PROPITIATION for SIN. The PRINCE of Peace was nailed on The CROSS, His Priceless BLOOD was shed. The Wonderful COUNSELOR suffered the shame and torture of the CRUCIFIXION. The LORD JESUS' Heart broke when GOD The FATHER of GLORY turned His HOLY Face away from Him -- GOD The SON, Who was MADE to BE SIN -- and GOD's HOLY WRATH was poured out on JESUS CHRIST for the JUST Punishment and Righteous JUDGMENT and CONDEMNATION on ALL the SINS of EVERY man and woman -- past, present and future.

The BLOOD of The CROSS speaks -- that 'the Wages of SIN is DEATH.' The SON's Death on The CROSS, His shed BLOOD, was GOD's way of dealing with the Problem of SIN. The CROSS, the BLOOD was GOD's public DECLARATION, His Mighty PROCLAMATION that He was PROPITIATED. His PURE Righteousness and HOLY Justice were appeased -- GOD IN CHRIST through The BLOOD's efficacy RECONCILED man to Himself.

The CROSS of CHRIST speaks -- it is also a Gracious INVITATION. GOD inspired the prophet Isaiah to declare GOD's INVITATION of SALVATION: 'Let ALL the world LOOK to Me for SALVATION! For I AM GOD; there is NO OTHER.' (Isaiah 45:22) The LORD JESUS Himself declared this INVITATION: 'COME TO ME, ALL of you who are WEARY and CARRY HEAVY BURDENS, and I WILL GIVE you REST. Take my yoke upon you. Let Me teach you, because I AM Humble and Gentle at HEART, and you WILL find REST for your SOULS. For My yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.' (Matthew 11:28-30) The BLOOD of The CROSS is preaching PEACE With GOD so that one may realize the PEACE Of GOD that surpasses all human understanding.

The CROSS of CHRIST speaks this Amazing INVITATION to those who are FAR from GOD -- the failures, those who know they've gone wrong, those who are filled with shame, those who are weary and tired and forlorn in the moral struggle -- laboring to live a good and a clean and a straight life, but like Martin Luther, to NO avail. This Precious INVITATION is for those who've reckoned their SELF-righteousness as but FILTHY rags and their SELF-sufficiency to be SELF-deceit. This FREE INVITATION is for those who've recognized their UNworthiness and UNcleanness of Heart. This Life-Changing INVITATION is for those who are AFRAID of Life, AFRAID of DEATH, AFRAID of Tomorrow, AFRAID of the coming JUDGMENT. This Glorious and Gracious INVITATION is for those who feel utterly HOPELESS and completely HELPLESS -- for those who REPENT (TURN from) of their REBELLION and TURN to GOD for the FORGIVENESS of ALL their SINS through FAITH alone in CHRIST JESUS alone, fully SON of GOD and fully SON of Man -- The LAMB of GOD, slain on The CROSS, as the Perfect ATONING Sacrifice for the SINS of man.

The CROSS of CHRIST speaks to ALL... STILL. The BLOOD of The CROSS proclaims The GOOD News... STILL. Does The CROSS of CHRIST speak to you? Does the BLOOD of The CROSS cry out to you, saying -- COME! Let ALL the world LOOK to The LORD JESUS for SALVATION! For HE is The GREAT I AM THAT I AM -- HE IS GOD -- The GOD-Man... and there is NO OTHER.

(The notes above are from the sermon "A Public Declaration" -- preached by Dr Lloyd-Jones in 1964, which was included in his book "The CROSS" -- a 10-sermon exposition on Galatians 6:14 -- The follow-up sermon on Galatians 6:14 by Dr Lloyd-Jones is riveting, for it is perfectly applicable today, 2018 -- to the utterly debased moral state of the world. In Dr Lloyd-Jones assessment, it is the indirect JUDGMENT of GOD to this corrupt humanity for its RADICAL Rebellion -- 

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CHRISTianity's Foundational TRUTHS


The Bible is GOD’s inspired Word, the COMPLETE, SUFFICIENT and FINAL Authority for a Life of FAITH and OBEDIENCE to GOD.

The ONE TRUE GOD exists in THREE Persons -- FATHER, SON and Holy SPIRIT who EQUALLY share the SAME ESSENCE and ATTRIBUTES.

JESUS CHRIST is the SON of GOD, born of a virgin by the POWER of the Holy SPIRIT -- TRUE GOD and TRUE Man -- Who lived a SINLESS Life and offered Himself on the Cross for our SINs, LITERALLY RISING FROM THE DEAD on the third day.

The Holy SPIRIT of GOD is the third Person of the Triune GODhead who CONVICTS us of SIN, RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUDGMENT and grants to us NEW Life through our FAITH in CHRIST and emPOWERs us to honor GOD through a Life of OBEDIENCE.

ALL mankind needs CHRIST as Savior since ALL have SINNED and FALLEN SHORT of GOD’s Standards, as such ALL are DESERVING of GOD’s Judgment and completely UNable to remedy their spiritual dilemma apart from GOD’s GRACE.

SALVATION is the FREE Gift of GOD’s GRACE received solely on the basis of FAITH in CHRIST’s Sacrifice, NOT through ANY human WORK or MERIT.

The Church is the Body of CHRIST composed of ALL who have received Him as LORD and Savior and are given the responsibility to share the GOOD News of GOD’s GRACE to ALL people and then to baptize, teach and equip those who put their TRUST in CHRIST.


The 5 Principles of the REFORMATION

SOLA SCRIPTURE = Scripture ALONE is the sole basis of Authority for the Church’s beliefs and practices.

SOLA FIDE = SALVATION is granted to a sinner SOLELY on the basis of FAITH and TRUST in the finished work of CHRIST on the Cross.

SOLA GRATIA = SALVATION is based SOLELY on the sovereign GRACE of GOD and not upon the will, the works or the merit of the sinner.




"A TRUE CHRISTian is a person who has put FAITH and TRUST in the Person and Work of JESUS CHRIST, including His DEATH on the Cross as PAYMENT for SINs and His RESURRECTION on the third day. John 1:12 tells us, “Yet to ALL who RECEIVED Him, to those who BELIEVED in His Name, He gave the right to BEcome children of GOD.” The mark of a TRUE CHRISTian is LOVE for OTHERS and OBEDIENCE to GOD’s Word (1 John 2:4, 10). A TRUE CHRISTian is indeed a child of GOD, a part of GOD’s TRUE Family, and one who has been given NEW Life IN JESUS CHRIST." (