Sunday, June 7, 2009


The rln! bus—is my bodyheart&soul…my life. The Holy SPIRIT sits at the wheel, in the Driver’s seat. His almighty hands steer in the direction of GOD’s will; His foot on the gas makes the bus go—He accelerates when the way is clear and eases off as He sees dangerous debris up ahead.

His foot at the brakes checks me when i’m veering off the road (maybe i’d fallen asleep at the wheel!). He brakes to stop for the people at the side of the road needing help. He brakes for impending danger. He uses the brakes to slow down this bus at sharp curves, steep grades, foggy conditions…always with my safety in His mind. He brakes at rest stops…green pastures or still waters, so that i may enjoy the view—GOD’s amazing, majestic handiwork.

And i sit in His lap—for He is my Abba, my Papa, my Daddy. i am His child. i am small with short legs (literally!) and cannot reach the gas or brake pedals. So i am free to swing my dangling feet in joyful abandon, for He is in complete control. My hands are also at the wheel, but His almighty ones cover mine. i trust His wisdom implicitly--that as i choose a scenic detour, or fork on the road, or a new highway, He will steer the bus straight on course so that it may not land in a ditch or hit a crossing unicorn.

i am so utterly glad that the Holy SPIRIT is the Driver of the rln! bus! When i get a flat tire (or worse, a blow out), He is more than able to repair it or to change it altogether with a brand new one. When it just needs more air, He just has to breathe life into it that it may be made useful again. SPIRIT knows best how to maintain this bus in tip-top condition…He even provides the gas to run it! i’m in the best of hands with the SPIRIT of GOD as the Driver of the rln! bus!

For the SPIRIT’s eyes are ever alert—looking at the rearview mirror for those monsters of the past that may still be trying to reattach themselves onto my rear-end bumper. He is always wide-awake, looking at the side mirrors for worldly lusts that may blindside me. He is ever looking ahead, beyond the horizon—to JESUS! —guaranteeing that this bus will make it to its final destination…not limping or out of gas, but revved up, crossing that finish line, having run the race--mission impossible accomplished!

And what is the mission of this rln! bus?

To take in hitchhikers, wanderers, backpackers, joyriders, coat-tail hangers on, feet washers, packrats, adventurers, muddied-up travelers (like me)…in this bus that is my life…that we all may arrive at Heaven’s Gate, that JESUS may say to us all: "Well done, good and faithful sons and daughters!”

And then at last, i will see JESUS smile…and i will fall down at His feet, with tears of immeasurable joy and unutterable gratefulness, bathing His feet.

And He will raise me up with His almighty, loving nail-scarred hands and say--“Welcome home, rln!”

(i'm not being morbid! i just want to be prepared for that day. It's like a "last hurrah" ( getting in the last word?!) in case i'm called unexpectedly...and honestly, are any of us truly ready for what's beyond the horizon? The above will be read by my church pastor when that appropriate time comes. i don't take life for granted any more...each new day that i'm allowed to ride this rln! bus is a mighty blessing INDEED!!! from my Father in Heaven. This would be my last-ditch effort to make a difference in someone's life in the most important way, especially those unsaved family and friends, even after i've crossed over to that Other Side, beyond the horizon. My prayer is that those attending my memorial service will be touched by the Holy SPIRIT with these words.)

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