Thursday, November 29, 2012

$10 Million WINNER! A WHAT IF...

Because of the $500-plus million lotto jackpot frenzy, Kathy Garzon and i got into a discussion:

My initial response was that i would donate towards the Second-Step Home ministry of taking in homeless men, women and children; of helping to provide a safe haven for them as they get back up on their own feet. i would give to a CHRIST-centered ministry where the loving ways of GOD are the rule, not the exception.

Kathy’s question stayed on my mind…even this thought – Being a follower of CHRIST, would i even buy a ticket for this megabucks lotto?

i entertained the thought – this temptation to gamble, of grasping at straws. i thought that i would buy just one, if it were a California lotto. Sin was knocking at the door!

But i did NOT buy even one.

But WHAT IF by GOD’s miraculous provision, i was granted $10 million? Here is my heart’s desire…

1) Tithe off the gross amount for CHRISTian Fellowship Church, then pay all necessary taxes.
2) Keep $100,000 for personal use.

3) Give $1 million to Second-Step Home, or a like ministry for the homeless.
4) Give to an organization which helps rebuild the lives of children who have been rescued from the sex slavery/ trade or who have been forced to become child-soldiers in war-torn countries.
5) Give to Gospel for Asia, K. P. Yohannan’s ministry in India.
6) Give to Voice of the Martyrs to help persecuted CHRISTians worldwide.

7) Give to CHRISTian church planters who build in Third-world countries.

8) Plant a nondenominational CHRISTian church in Matei (Taveuni, Fiji). 
9) Build wells to provide clean drinking water in impoverished communities.

10) Give sewing machines to women to earn legitimate income. 

Give 20% to Ocean View Church for overseas missions;
Assembly of GOD in Matei (Taveuni, Fiji), to build a proper kitchen for Radini Selina and to complete Pastor Pauliasi's church building; and Impacting Asia missions in the Philippines.

And IF ever i receive by GOD’s miraculous and gracious providence any lesser or greater amount, i hold firm and steadfast in this Way of sharing GOD’s material and spiritual riches, for i have purposed in my heart to serve CHRIST JESUS, Who is my precious Utmost ALL in all.

“No one can be a slave of two masters, since either he will hate one and love the other, or be devoted tone and despise the other. You cannot be slaves of GOD and of money.” (Matthew 6:24, HCSB)

SO THERE! This blog-note is the written witness to that WHAT IF!

Please donate. ALL donations will benefit the Naselesele Village school children in Taveuni, Fiji. VINAKA VAKA LEVU! 

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