Sunday, May 3, 2009


IN CHRIST means being one -- literally, physically and spiritually -- with my Beloved LORD. i am totally immersed in Him through and through to the very deepest core, even into the spaces between the quarks of my body and soul and spirit.

Like a baby in the mother's womb, the sac with the amniotic fluid, represents Jesus CHRIST Himself; the umbilical cord represents the Holy SPIRIT connecting me to my life Source, the mother, who represents GOD, my Father.

Being IN CHRIST is living this life on earth totally dependent upon GOD, my Father. He provides the nourishment for growth, the Holy SPIRIT provides the channel for nourishment, and CHRIST provides the environment for the Life.

Being IN CHRIST, i am in Jesus, surrounded by GOD, filled by SPIRIT. And The Life, the True Bread, and the Living Water -- GOD Himself -- through a mystery my finite mind can't fathom, is in me and inside me!

And there's NO SEPARATION. We form a whole with no gaps. Though not yet perfected, i am already complete IN CHRIST.

Like a baby's necessary 9-month growth period in the mother's womb, my entire life on earth is the necessary gestation period GOD has marked out for me as His thorough preparation for my birth into His world -- His heavenly Kingdom.

Every person, every thing, every circumstance is part of my gestation -- growing, training, preparing me for that Life in Heaven where Love, Joy, Peace are the norm. GOD, my Father, is shaping, pruning, caring for me, providing everything needed (sweet and bitter, and all in between) to complete this gestation period before my "final birth" into His Kingdom.

His best for me is already Reality in Heaven; the gestation period for this best is my evolving Actuality here on earth. Therefore, i can truly thank GOD for this ongoing process for i know i am becoming who i already am -- His child, His daughter.

i am excited INDEED!

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