Tuesday, May 5, 2009


When i pray each morning and ask GOD, my Father, to bless me indeed!!! as Jabez did in I Chronicles 4:10, the blessings that i'm asking for today are Beyond the Horizon. The Holy SPIRIT of GOD, my Father, is engineering everything needed to create each and every blessing designated for me (for each today) that had already been thought of in GOD's infinitely intelligent mind.

Like the fairy tale about Santa with his elves working busily during the whole year for CHRISTmas delivery -- except that for a child of GOD, every day is CHRISTmas! -- all this work is done out of sight at the North Pole, Santa's mythical residence.

i can't see (or understand) my Father's masterful creating -- but my Father is always at work. He never grows weary; He never runs out of ideas; He has a countless multitude of angels at His bidding to help create these suprising presents for each today.

So when i pray for my Father to bless me INDEED!!! -- i am but asking for my Father to shower me with the blessings He had already packaged for me before time began. (Presents in all shapes and sizes --beautifully wrapped and beribboned, or plainly encased in brown paper bag, or just boxed in stark black.)

i just receive all the gifts of His choosing with arms wide open and with a thankful, grateful heart. i know! that the Lord, the Lord GOD, is merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth...and He is my Father!

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