Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Purpose-Driven i am for the GREAT I AM

Purpose-driven to live am i --
zealous and fanatical enough, to die.
forever IN CHRIST...a sheep, a slave, a Bride!
Purpose-driven to abhor and to kill --
that 'old-man Adam' who lives in me, still.
New creation that i am IN CHRIST --
delivered from Darkness into His Kingdom of Light!

Purpose-driven, compelled by His love --
no other do i worship, but Him from above.
proclaiming the Good News, my true employ!
Purpose-driven to follow and partake --
the LORD JESUS, who controls my very fate.
Press on! RUN steadfast in His all-powerful might --
to approve my adoring heart in His holy sight!

Purpose-driven i am to sacrifice this living --
to JESUS, my rights to my rights, i am daily giving.
Bought by His blood SO utterly precious --
to be His slave, a privilege SO delicious!
Purpose-driven to declare The WORD --
CHRIST will soon return, have you not heard?
The SON of Man, in ALL His glory --
over ALL, will reign supreme in victory!

Purpose-driven, commissioned for a mission --
no matter the world's contempt, mocking and derision.
To declare that CHRIST JESUS was crucified --
And that the wrath of GOD was fully pacified!
Purpose-driven, in love and in truth --
i share the Good News, The WAY not so smooth.
Narrow is the Gate to eternal salvation --
beware the wolves, follow NOT into their damnation!

is Divine plan
ordained --
GOD's cause
will prevail, 
His Reality 
Turn from sin 
to GOD 
in sincere 
contriteness --
for forgiveness

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