Tuesday, April 20, 2010


HELLO, everyone! i hope you are not crying for me! WHY? WHAT for!?!

i am with JESUS -- my faithful Beloved, my heart's Passion, my ultimate Hero, my best Friend, my indescribable Creator and holy Master, my loving Redeemer. i am with our FATHER -- our heavenly DAD -- the One who ALLways knows BEST and ALLways acts perfectly and inconceivably GREAT!

As you hear (or read) these words, know that i am in unearthly bliss -- in heavenly rapturous ecstasy -- wrapped in inexpressible JOY that is constant, totally enveloping -- to the deepest recesses of my soul.

Don't weep, let go ALL sorrow -- rejoice, kick up your heels, clap your hands and dance a jig. Let out a resounding whoop of gladness -- make some noise... no need to be so somber... no need to sing the blues!

i am ALIVE! More alive than i ever was on earth. Everyone here is vibrant -- glowing with unsuppressed energy that is effervescent and invigorating, yet so calm and restful in its aliveness. It's a glorious aliveness that fills my very being -- that radiates from my inner core.

Take off the long faces, put on your ear-to-ear smiles. i am more than just fine. i am made whole at last -- a child of the GOD Divine -- reflecting the light of CHRIST, who is The LIGHT of the world...my beloved JESUS.

Don't miss me, don't lament my physical absence. Rather, look forward with eager gladness when we'll meet again... those of you who are my true brothers and sisters in CHRIST.

Now i fully know -- my time on earth was but Life 101. It was the life-long process of preparation for eternity. And physical death -- cessation of my earthly existence -- was but the blink-of-an-eye entrance to eternal life.

Dearest family and friends -- those of you hearing (or reading) this eulogy -- you only live once in that vulnerable body you now occupy. You only have this VERY brief lifetime to choose which way to go. You only have this ONE chance to choose your eternal destiny. There are NO multiple reincarnations -- only RESURRECTION to eternal separation from GOD (hell) or to eternal life with GOD (heaven).

It really is black and white. There is no middle grey. Your immediate life after this one depends on how you choose your "colors" -- black or white.

Black is utter darkness and depravity. Black is the total absence of Love and Light. Try to imagine a hellish place, then multiply it a gazillion times...that is "Black." (Matthew 13:41-42)

White is blazing Light and utter Truth. White is the total absence of evil and darkness. Imagine a heavenly paradise, then multiply it a gazillion times -- and it still won't even come close to the Reality of Heaven... that is "White." (1 Timothy 6:15-16)

And Heaven -- GOD's Kingdom -- is the most wonderFUL, indescribable, amaZZZing, utterly fanTASTIC existence -- it's THE Place to experience eternity... it's the ultimate REALITY of being In CHRIST.

HALLELUJAH! i'm here! Once a wretched sinner of old, but now a whole new creation -- a masterpiece of the heavenly Master -- NO words in the human language can describe being in the Presence of GOD! The hosts of angelic beings utter amazing sounds that perfectly honor the One True GOD. But how can i put into earthly words the music of their heavenly worship? You have to be here to hear such wondrous utterances.

i am in our Father's very presence -- He who dwells in unapproachable light -- yet i'm whole and did not burst into a gazillion pieces of joy! IF i could return to earth (Luke 16:26) and tell you all that is here -- you'd no longer even remotely desire any of that measly stuff that masquerade as the world's treasures... delectable temptations -- fleeting pleasures that are like the empty calories of fluffy cotton candy -- just sickening saccharin. EVERYthing here in Heaven is a gazillion times better in every way -- it's too wonderFUL for earthly language.

Remember when the Holy SPIRIT raised JESUS from the dead and CHRIST walked about in His glorified body? Everyone here has boundless energy and overflowing love, barely contained joy, and the unfathomable peace of GOD that was but a hint on earth compared to the Reality here in heaven.

And best of all is this unsurpassed delight of being with JESUS -- face to face -- in His Presence all the time. His glorious Presence would overwhelm me with its omnipotent glory were it not clothed with His unspeakable sweetness and graciousness. My whole being sings angelic harmonies -- in utmost reverence and childlike wonder... in awestruck amazement, in utmost gratefulness for the privilege of sharing Heaven with GOD Himself as one of His own.

So don't cry -- don't shed one more tear. Rejoice and be utterly glad for me. i am free at last!

Freed from decay. Freed from the cursed earth. Freed from hell... FOREVER!

If you haven't yet chosen which way to go, which master to serve, which color to choose -- please choose "white." Pure white is the color of The WORD. Pure white is the color of His shed blood. Pure blinding white is the radiant color of our most holy GOD, in CHRIST JESUS.


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    2. And same to you, dear friend and brother-IN-CHRIST Danny! We are SO looking forward to beholding with you in speechless AWESOME AMAZEMENT our LORD JESUS and GOD our FATHER!

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