Thursday, January 21, 2010

JISU on the Road

i heard these two stories, almost like parables... and here they are, re-told as a combined story, illustrated with photos of Germany from a past visit... and made complete with a happy ending!

JISU was all alone on the road, walking along its dusty edge. A driver who was late for his usual afternoon golf game zoomed past in his Hummer, kicking up a cloud of dust -- so did another, in a huge Ford truck, hurrying to catch the Charger game on his giant-screen tv.

A young driver, bored with the long drive home, stopped his sleek vintage Mustang, with a shriek of the brakes, and let Him in. The youth found JISU intriguing; and they talked of deep things, baring their souls as if they've been friends for many years.

After an hour of sharing stories, the young driver noticed that he was almost home. His demeanor became one of barely contained impatience, for he was eager to get back to his friends to tell them all about his eventful road trip.

He said, "Hey, buddy -- sorry, but i have to let you off here. It was good talkin' with ya!"

The young driver stopped the car with another shriek of the brakes, and clicked the unlock button for JISU's side. JISU got out at the town's main street. He gave the driver a piercing look and waved goodbye as the car pulled away with a jerk, burning rubber.

Soon after, a good and kind man picked Him up. He's a middle-aged business man, a long-time member of the big church in the center of town. This very good man kindly invited JISU for dinner. His wife and three kids were used to his good works and weren't surprised at this new "project."

They dined together and had a very good and proper time. After dinner, they all went to do their own thing.

The good and kind man invited JISU to rest awhile, even gave Him the guest room. And the good and kind man retired to bed...then got up in the morning as usual, did his 9 to 5 job, got busy, then busier, then busiest ever! and forgot all about JISU in the guest room.

JISU, not one to impose without wholehearted invitation, quietly left, leaving a note which simply said, "Look up."

As JISU continued His journey, many people passed Him by, quite a few even tried to run Him off the road! Finally, as He neared the far end of town, a beat up van slowed down and a haggard looking fellow gestured for JISU to get in. The driver was obviously sick, very distraught, for he was lost. He opened the door to let JISU in, glad for His company. They had immediate rapport...two travelers on the road, each on a mission.

JISU asked the man if he needed help driving, as he seemed unfocused. He answered, "Oh i'm fine! Just a little tired." The tired man drank another pick-me-up cappuccino from Starbucks... and they drove on another few miles. The man got sicker, his malady he knew not what -- he just knew his aching head felt like a water-logged balloon ready to burst.

JISU said, "You're not looking well at all. May I help you in any way?"
The very tired man, his face now ashen, said, "Well, can you just help me steer for a little while? My right arm seems to be going to sleep."

And they drove the car together for quite aways -- until his left arm began to go numb too. JISU said gently, "I know you are not well. Let Me drive. I will take you home."

At last the man confessed of his reluctance before, "Okay, but this means i'll lose the three-tier 24-karat gold trophy and $1,000,000 prize money for driving in this solo cross-continent race. The judges will disqualify me for letting You drive this car to the finish line."

They paused at a rest stop...a vista of green pastures and still waters -- the man, exhausted; JISU, calm and expectant. The man, beat to the core, met JISU's eyes, whose only expression was overflowing love and compassion. The man gladly handed over all the keys -- trusting Him at last to do all the to Man, they shook hands -- and exchanged places.

JISU sa rauti au...JESUS is enough for me. And not only does He hold all the keys to my "car" -- He holds the certificate of ownership.

And so, dear brothers and sisters, i plead with you to give your bodies to GOD. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice--the kind He will accept. When you think of what He has done for you, is this too much to ask? (Roman 12:1)

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