Friday, July 17, 2009


JBZ2! Prayer and Fellowship...

The ultimate purpose of it all is to arrive at a deeper intimacy with JESUS. For me, fervent prayer and committed journaling of GOD's goodness and abundant blessings lead the way to strengthened faith, to closer relationship with the One who provides all our needs.

As i became more fully aware of GOD's presence in my life through countless blessings and even miracles (i.e., once upon a time, a palm tree fell on me -- yet not a hair on my head was touched. The tree landed like it was slam-dunked, but GOD tripped me into a hole as i tried to get out of the way so that the trunk of the tree slammed just 1/2" across the back of my thighs, pinning me down, yet leaving me unscathed) -- my faith in His faithfulness and gracious love was strengthened and solidified.

My JBZ2! journals are the physical reminders and proofs of GOD's mercy and love towards me. The pages testify of GOD answering my prayers, according to His methods and perfect timing. The written records remind and encourage me to wait and watch -- and to keep on persevere until i get an answer.

The JBZ2! 's mission is to glorify GOD and its purpose is to realize the Source of the blessings -- to love the Giver of blessings and not the blessings themselves.

JESUS said, "The truth is, you want to be with me because I fed you, not because you saw the miraculous sign." (John 6:26 -- NLT)

So the ultimate purpose of JBZ2! is to get to that spiritual realization that blessings or no blessings -- fed or not fed -- JISU sa rauti au...Fijian for JESUS is enough for me.

JESUS, the miraculous sign from GOD Himself, is the blessing -- He, Himself, is the greatest, highest, ultimate blessing ever given by GOD.

When i act upon this realization, i walk on air...i have joy everlasting in the today -- no matter the daily gunk that try to muddy up this living joy.

When i make real through constant practice that JISU sa rauti au, i am fulfilling my destiny -- GOD's will that i be one with His Son, that there be no other besides JESUS in my heart.

When i am totally surrendered to CHRIST, with no more rights to call my own...
When i am just moving to His tune...
Then i am rln!
Then i really live,
Then i really love,
Then i can really laugh
With abandon...
Then i am truly unbound, truly free --
in the now
Living each ordinary day as extraordinary --
to the fullest
as if with an exclamation point.

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