Saturday, May 30, 2015

IF and SO -- Two GREAT, Two-Letter Words

IF my LORD GOD had not timed it JUST-so, SO that the stoplights would be green or red, SO that i would arrive at Palm and Dennery on a red light, SO that i can look around as i caught my breath (early Thursday morning, as i biked to work)... (Luke 1:37)

IF the alive-within SPIRIT had not caused my eyes to focus and alight on the sight of a crumpled piece of green, while at the same time causing all traffic to be properly stopped or turning away from my direction, SO that i can pick up the recognizable greenback in safety... (Romans 8:14)

THEN i wouldn't have felt that boost of JOY, which energized my body to tackle the rest of the uphill ride with hallelujah praises singing in my heart and bursting forth out of my lips. (Nehemiah 8:10)

JESUS my Beloved LORD knew my spirit wasn't light that morning, which caused my body to feel heavy as i pedaled up Palm -- lacking energy because i was lacking His JOY, which is my day-to-day source of strength in ALL things, in ALL circumstances. (Philippians 4:13)

SO my ever-compassionate LORD JESUS gave me a perk in the form of a one-dollar bill, which perked me up in my spirit, which sparked the waiting storehouse of JOY within, which infused the cells of my body with palpable, energetic happiness because of the IN-sight that GOD was speaking to me in my real-time circumstance. (Hebrews 13:8)

The LORD SPIRIT spoke into my heart -- "See, rln, how money has such power over people, even you? See how highly energized you got from just a mere dollar? Can you understand more clearly then, the literal "high" of someone whose god is money?" (Matthew 6:24)

"Yes, LORD." (Romans 10:10)

i also knew (that GOD knew that i knew that He knew! -- for He knows at ALL times, ALL the WHATevers within my heart and mind and body) that it was a "GOD-speak" event in the momentary circumstance. i knew without a shadow of doubt that it was a GOD-given gift of serendipity, a GOD-governed provision, a GOD-gladdened lesson. (Psalm 139)

What else was there for me to do, but to sing aloud thankful praises for my heavenly Father -- for His higher-than-the-heavens wisdom, His tenderhearted ways, His compassion-in-action LOVE...His ALL-mightiness in ALL things, in ALL circumstances, in ALL ways...always! (Philippians 4:4)

Thank You, my LORD GOD, for cleansing my heart more and more and more with your Light -- The TRUTH of The Word -- SO that i may see Your glorious holy beauty more and more and more with the eyes of my heart in these unexpectedly delightful moments that abound in Your creation! (Matthew 5:8)

Hallelu-JAH for the greatest "SO"! \o/ For GOD SO loved the world that He gave His one and only Son JESUS, that IF anyone trusts in Him -- he or she will not perish into eternal hell, but will have eternal Life! The SO has been demonstrated in HIStory -- the IF is your chosen story... (John 3:16-18)

Dear reader: may the SPIRIT of GOD blaze the TRUTH of the Good News into your heart, SO that you may choose for your self TOday to receive in all humility and genuine repentance, the utterly AMAZING GOD-given gift of GRACE -- your REDEMPTION through CHRIST JESUS -- SO that you may enJOY a GOD-governed life with GOD-gladdened days forEVERmore as your greatest SO in answer to your IF.

AMEN -- in the ALL-mighty Name of the LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST!

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