Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Memory -- THELMA BOBO

Friends are GOD's way of taking care of His family...

Thelma Bobo was GOD's way of befriending many to Himself. He blessed many a soul, including me, with our "Momma Bobo" -- a grand lady who generously shared her chocolates and opened up her heart to all with endearing warm hugs and quickness of wit: a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!

Yesterday evening, on Momma's day of stepping forward into the precious Presence of GOD -- Ann, Gloria, Sarah and i celebrated her glorious entry into Paradise, by experiencing a glorious sunset at the shores of Imperial Beach. What unsurpassed joy and incomprehensible peace did our Father in Heaven impart to us as He painted the skies with fiery colors that only He can create. Our hearts exulted in jubilant unison -- Bless the LORD, oh my soul!

Thelma Bobo, daughter of GOD...forevermore! (click on her name for her candid video interview)
A poem -- in memory of Thelma Bobo,
our blessed "Momma"


Be still, oh my soul, rest assured
in the satisfying peace of the LORD's embrace.
For as in the eye of this hurricane called life --
There is steadfast calm and sure safety
in the center of GOD's will.

Praise the LORD, oh my soul! Taste and see
that He is infinitely good and indescribably lovely.
Delight, oh my soul, in the LORD JESUS.
For He is the Key who unlocks
the everlasting fountain of joy
that opens to blessed eternal contentment!

Mortify, oh my soul, this prison of flesh
so that the Life of my LORD JESUS
may shine forth in radiant splendor --
that He may reign supreme
over this unredeemed body of death.

Starve this flesh by emphatically denying
this world's array of empty fast-food junk --
all unsatisfactory morsels for the new creation within.
Nourish, rather, the wholesome fruit of the SPIRIT.
Be replete and fully satiated
with the transforming Word of GOD.

Trust in the LORD in all ways always,
Lean not at all on my own understanding;
but in all my ways, i gladly surrender!
Let CHRIST be my faithful Compass
as i sojourn briefly on this earth --
leading and directing me as my Good Shepherd,
caring with all power and tenderhearted mercies
this nearsighted sheep that i am.

Bless the LORD, oh my soul!
All that is within me, bow down before Him
and reverence His holy name!
Rejoice evermore! Rejoice -- come rain or shine,
stormy skies or double rainbows.

Dance, oh my soul, in joyful abandon --
for JESUS is more than enough!
Joy in the LORD -- forevermore!

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