Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, KATHY :)

Kathy is a fully devoted follower of JESUS CHRIST.

She believes and follows the Word. Just as JESUS gathered the fragments after feeding the 5,000 -- so does Kathy. She gathers the fragments of society and helps them get clean on the outside and then teams up with the Holy SPIRIT of GOD to help them get clean on the inside. Kathy provides a safe environment for each of these "lost sheep" so that they may pick up the pieces of their lives -- she gives them hope for a better tomorrow.

Just as GOD doesn't waste anything, http://rl-n.blogspot.com/2009/07/gather-up-fragments.html -- neither does she allow the fragments to go to waste.

Kathy is indeed a senior citizen, but her golden years hide a strong will, tremendous courage, and a passionate devotion to doing the will of GOD -- to win one more for the Lord. Underneath her sometimes brusque manner, her sharp wit, and her "don't you mess with me" attitude, she has a most tender heart.

My daughter was one the first ones she gathered under her wings. Kathy shared her love for JESUS (as she does with all she brings into her home) and my daughter received JESUS CHRIST as her Savior. i will always be grateful to Kathy for taking my daughter in at her time of need, for the care she received, and for teaching her about GOD -- something i never did.

Tomorrow, September 2, i will celebrate her birthday with all the eclectics at Second Step Home. Kathy may sometimes be an overlooked heroine...but she is never overlooked in the eyes of our hearts. (Channel 10 did not overlook Kathy -- http://www.10news.com/station/13960647/detail.html -- nor the eclectics ... http://godventurez.blogspot.com/2009/09/kathys-big-bday-card.html)

May GOD keep on using Kathy as His instrument through which He blesses others. And thank you, Kathy, for laying down your life for CHRIST so that we may all be blessed indeed!

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